English Idiomatic Expression: “Here’s the thing”

By Robby

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Today’s English idiomatic expression is “Here’s the thing”, and it’s a great way of starting a conversation or approaching someone!

It’s especially handy in situations when you’re unsure of how to ask for a favor or say something that the other person mightn’t like to hear. Also, you can use this sentence starter when you’re opposing the other person’s opinion, and to hear how exactly it’s done – please watch the video above where I’m providing sample sentences starting with the phrase “Here’s the thing”!

This idiomatic expression is another one of those you won’t probably find in many idiom lists; however, it doesn’t make it less useful.

In fact, I think it’s as useful and practical as any typical idiom – such as “At the end of the day”, for example – and just because you can easily guess its meaning doesn’t make it less efficient.

There are actually plenty of simple expressions containing the word ‘thing’, and you can read this article where I have them listed to see for yourself how much can be said using such simple words!

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