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English idiomatic expression: “Pretty much the same”

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Hi guys, in the video above you can find out how to use the following English idiomatic expression: “Pretty much the same”.

Why such and similar expressions are very important for us, foreigners?

First of all – they enable us to speak instinctively and spontaneously. Once you’ve memorized a phrase, you can produce it at an instant when the right situation presents itself!

Secondly – they drastically reduce the amount of mistakes you might potentially make when speaking because you learn a correct phrase AS IT IS and you’ll only ever use it without changing it!

So watch the video above, make sure to repeat the phrase a few times in order to memorize it, and also make sure to come up with a few sample sentences on your own to imprint the idiomatic expression “Pretty much the same” into your mind.

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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