New English Vocabulary Word Phenomenon

By Robby

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Hi guys,

In today’s video I’m discussing the following phenomenon which occurs when you learn new English vocabulary: some obscure English word or phrase you’d NEVER heard before, suddenly starts appearing everywhere – in news articles, in radio and TV shows, and even English speakers around you start using this word… Despite you having had never noticed it before!

Is it weird or what?

Here’s a typical example: I had recently learnt a new English phrase from a guy who lives in Canada ‘in my book’ which means ‘in my opinion’. At the time I thought it might be a more regional expression so I didn’t even think of trying to use it in my own daily English conversations with other people at work.

And guess what? The very next day at work my Irish colleague used that expression when speaking with me!

I can swear I had NEVER heard any of my Irish work colleagues use this phrase during the four years I’ve been working with them, so how can it be explained?

Well, I have an explanation for that, my dear friend foreign English speaker, and you’re welcome to watch the video above to find out why this particular phenomenon might be happening!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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