Beware! I’m a False Fluency Expert & I’ll Con You Out of Money!

By Robby

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Hi guys, hello everyone and welcome back to English Harmony video blog!

I’m Robby and I’m a fluency expert, an English fluency expert. And obviously some people – and to be more specific, it’s a commentator called Dry Dead, right? Some people reckon that I’m not an expert. And there’s been a little commotion going on on this particular video I published last night which is an interview with one of my students, Sergi from Catalonia.

And then Dry Dead pointed out that I made a mistake during that video where I said “so much more fluent.” In fact I should have said “so much more fluently,” right? It’s a mistake. Yeah, so he was laughing at the fact that an English fluency expert made such a terrible mistake, right?

Dry Dead's comment

SIDE-NOTE: Eventually I had to ban this person from my channel because he resorted to insulting everyone and he just couldn’t be reasoned with.

Here’s the thing, Dry Dead. I responded to many of your comments before. I was trying to get through to you. I was trying to convey the message that in my reckoning an expert is not necessarily someone who is perfect at it. For me an expert is someone who helps other people and does a good job at it. And he is capable of bringing out the best in other people as learners, right?

For example, this computer course I’m attending right now, okay? I’m not a very technical guy and personally I go to the teacher and I go to smarter guys in the class for advice. But despite all that I’m quite capable of helping other guys with certain things. Other guys who might not be as knowledgeable as me at that stuff. So in those terms I would call myself an expert because I’m capable of helping those guys.

An Expert Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect!

So I would say there’s different levels of experts. There’s probably the ultimate expert who possesses the entire knowledge that is out there in the field. And then there’s a lower-level experts but expert is anyone and that’s the way I perceive the word, expert, right? It’s any person who can help you with something that you struggle with, okay?

I don’t know something about the car engine for example and I ask some guy who knows more about it that me, he gives me practical advice. I apply that advice in real life, it works. For me that guy is an expert. And I’ll pass that guy’s name on to anyone else who asks me do I know someone who is good with fixing car engines because that guy helped me and that makes him an expert. If you don’t agree with that, well, what can I say? Seriously, you just have to accept the fact that everyone is not the same. There’s plenty of different opinions and what you think is an expert, isn’t necessarily what other people believe to be an expert. Okay?

So I don’t really understand what’s your problem with the word expert. Or yeah, your problem is according to your further comments and there’s plenty of them and I’m not going to go into the very detail because I’m going to go nuts trying to do that. But your problem basically is, let me read it, let me read it, let me find it first. Basically, Dry Dead is saying that he is protesting because I’m misleading naive people who give me their money thinking that I’m an expert but I’m not. Dry Dead, you are a liar. You are lying.

I Give My Fellow Foreigners The RIGHT Information on Fluency Improvement!

I don’t mislead naive people. My blog, my videos, my products, and my services it’s all for people who’ve spent long years trying to learn the English language the traditional way. They’re quite good at understanding, their comprehension is quite well-developed, they’re good at reading, writing but they can’t speak well. Those people aren’t naive. Those people are desperate and they’re desperately trying to find a way of developing their fluency, okay? And I’m giving them the right tools to achieve that. And there’s nothing bad about it. It’s not misleading. I don’t understand why you have the notion that I’m misleading people into something.

Have you even – well, obviously you haven’t purchased my product and you don’t know what it’s all about, the English Harmony system, right? That system consists of plenty of videos where people are required to repeat, memorize and use specific phrases and sentences. And it works. And I have plenty of feedback. I’m receiving e-mails on a regular basis and people are thanking me for that particular product because it has helped them to improve their fluency. Okay?


Never Judge a Foreigner By Mistakes!

Just because I speak with mistakes that doesn’t mean that I’m not aware of the right way of saying those things and if you were bothered reading my blog for a while, you would discover that every single article is polished to perfection. Okay? And it’s all the collocations and phraseology highlighted so that my blog visitors can actually make use of them and do their spoken English practice and all that, okay? And I’m helping people and I’m getting plenty of positive feedback and people are thanking me for it and it works. And that’s the proof. Actions speak louder than words. I could claim myself being an expert and it would be just an empty sound if not were those people’s feedback.

And one of these days I will actually publish a blog post where I’m going to talk about how spoken English self-practice actually does work and it works for sure. Its efficiency has been confirmed by so many people and I will put all those people’s testimonials up on that blog post and all that.

And it’s one of the, one of the, what do you call it, cornerstones of the English Harmony philosophy. You have to be speaking with yourself to develop your fluency. And there’s nothing scientific about it. It is just common sense. You have to speak in order to develop your oral fluency. And me calling myself an expert, I’m just leading by example. I’m speaking, I’m developing, yeah. I’m still working on my fluency. I have never claimed that I’ve achieved mastery of the language. I’ve never said that. So half of these things that you’re posting on the blog, on the video, on YouTube here are lies, total outright lies.

I’ve never said that I’ve mastered the English language. I’ve always emphasize the fact that yes, I’m still making mistakes but that’s the way it is. That’s how true fluency development is supposed to happen. You don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. But what you, Dry Dead, what you’re doing is you’re actually instilling the sense inferiority in my fellow foreign English speakers here.

Thanks for Supporting Me With Your Comments!

And thanks guys for stepping in and the fighting for the cause and I really appreciate it!

Other commentators defending Robby

It’s one of the reasons why I’m actually recording this video if not for all those responses, I wouldn’t have been bothered because a couple of days ago I decided, from here on out I’m going to ignore all negative feedback and there’s no point in trying to waste my time and effort and mental energy dealing with these negative comments and all this criticism if it’s not, what’s the word, constructive criticism which in this case it’s totally not, right? It’s not constructive criticism. And yeah, that’s what I decided at that time but now seeing that other people are chiming in and trying to kind of argue and reason with Dry Dead I just couldn’t stay away from it and I had to record this video to put the entire matter to bed once and for all and tell you Dry Dead that you’re a troll.

What you’re doing is you’re trolling. You might not agree with something. Yeah, okay. You have your opinion. You’re fully entitled to it, right? But you can’t just come in here and start accusing me of things that I’m not doing. I’m not – I’ve never said that I’m a complete master of the English language. The word expert can be interpreted in many ways. You think that an expert is someone who’s flawless, who is perfect.

I, on the other hand, I believe that an expert is someone who is knowledgeable enough, who is skillful enough in order to help others with that particular skill or knowledge. In this case it’s skills. Spoken English, a 100% practical skill and I know all the strategies and methods and techniques that work in order to develop the fluency. And I don’t have to be perfect myself, right? And I’ve been repeating this thing ad nauseum and I’m not going to repeat it again. I actually recorded one video where I touched upon this subject and then I responded to your comments multiple times and I just see that this message is not hammering home. So why would I be repeating myself like a broken record?

And you know what, Dry Dead? I’m feeling very uncomfortable reading your comments. It feels like you are attacking me personally. It’s like a personal vendetta against me. Just my mere existence is pissing you off by the looks of it. So I’m sitting here, putting up my videos on YouTube, writing my blog articles, working with my students and I’m feeling quite content because I’m happy about helping other people.

I love receiving positive feedback and I think we have a good thing going here. And then you jump in with making all those false accusations and calling me a “wannabe expert” and not a real expert and you just wouldn’t leave us and why? I just don’t get it. You were here once, second time, for the third time and now it seems that you’re deriving satisfaction from just coming here and offending people.

Why? I just don’t get it. So please, leave us alone. If you don’t like what we have going on here, just go. Go elsewhere. Do the thing that you love doing. Why would you be pursuing some guy on YouTube that you hate and just keep posting bad comments about him? I just don’t get it.

So this is it. I’ve said everything there is to say. And guys, everyone else, my dear fellow foreign English speakers, I think it would be a good idea just leave Dry Dead to his own. If he posts something, just ignore him because there is – responding to his comments doesn’t serve any purpose at this stage. It just agitates the whole thing further, right? So there’s no point in that.

All right. Cheers. That’s my daily coffee. It gives me the boost to deal with issues such as this one, right? Okay.

Best of luck with everything guys and chat to you soon!


P.S. Would you like to find out why I’m highlighting some of the text in red? Read this article and you’ll learn why it’s so important to learn idiomatic expressions and how it will help you to improve your spoken English!

P.S.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out my English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System

P.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out the English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System
  • Hi Triple H,

    And thanks for your support – especially in dealing with Dry Dead and the other guy on YouTube!!!

    There’s actually a saying that goes something along the lines of “your success is measured by the amount of haters you have” or something like that, and of course I’ve known it for ages!

    But the thing is – it’s one thing to be AWARE of it, but quite another – to DEAL with it yourself….

    As for celebrities – I totally understand why so many of them are in and out of rehabs etc. – if the 2 trolls could get under my skin, I can only imagine what it’s like to have thousands of people bad-mouthing you all over the world!

    And you’re actually right – I should ban such people outright because our responses just fuel their desire to keep insulting us.



  • Hi, Robby. I love your blog and your YouTube channel, and it’s not only conducive to English learners, but it’s also good for native English speakers trying to master a different language. Your blog covers a number of subjects. I just wanted to make a point of saying that people will ALWAYS talk! No matter what you are or how good you are, they will always fault you. I have noticed this in my life, and I am sure if you think about it, you have, too. I am not going to go into specifics, but think about why some people hate some or even all celebrities?
    P.S. I think in the future if the criticism is not constructive, the best approach would be to actually ban the person from your channel so he/she will not be able to troll. Because I got the feeling that “Dry Dead” was relishing getting a rise out of us.

  • Exactly Juhapekka! I was ignoring them (there were actually 2 trolls involved and I had to ban both of them) for a while thinking that they’ll stop doing that.

    But guess what? Apparently there are people out there who just can’t wait to see another video of mine being uploaded just so that they can start posting more abuse!

    Then I was trying to reason with them by adopting a professional attitude etc., but they kept responding with completely irrational bullshit and plain abuse – something similar to what you just said about my response allegedly implying that there’s truth in their comments etc.

    Anyhow, it’s only now that I realize how serious such trolling can be and what consequences can people suffer as a result.

    By the way – I checked one of those profiles and it turns out the guy was abusing people on YouTube left right and center – racist remarks etc. I’m really surprised that there isn’t a more efficient mechanism in place to deal with such behavior because I doubt I’m the only one having reported him…

    Thanks for the support!!!



  • Thanks for your support, Francisco – and you’re dead right about it! The best way to go about it is to ignore such people and ban them outright. I was trying to reason with that guy and ended up wasting a few days time in doing so and I also lost some of my nerve cells as a result! 😉

  • Juhapekka

    When I saw the title and all the comments on your Youtube-channel, I just thought that “What an earth! For what purpose is that title for?” But anyway, judging by his comments, he’s just badly lacking a sense of proportion and his “reasoning” is clearly unreasonable or then he’s just trolling. I think he’s completely missing the point of your whole blog that making mistakes is the essential and necessary part of a language learning process and actually if you hadn’t been struggling with your fluency for a long time and making all kinds of mistakes, this whole English Harmony project would never have been born! It would have been the massive loss!

    Personally nowadays I almost always just listen what those kinds of people are saying and I try to adopt a very good attitude in order to take any “home-take lessons” despite their harmful intentions and then I simply ignore them. The only disadvantage of ignoring them is that they can think that you ignore them because they would be right and thus you wouldn’t have any better arguments to disprove their claims but on the other hand if you bother to try to disprove their claims, they quite often say something like “There has to be something true in my claims and thus I’m right because otherwise you wouldn’t have bothered to disprove my claims!” and so we can’t ever be right and they are always right. At the worst case we can even start to think that those trollers or whatever really are right at least somehow and we can start to avoid making mistakes too much and obviously it’s not good for our English improvement. That’s actually one of the main reasons why I have chosen not to reason with those kinds of people.
    Despite of all I have said I think you made a right thing by recording the video and writing the article because this at least gave some kind of chance for him to change his behaviour. I just wanted to say once again that your EH project is just awesome and to encourage you to keep going just the way you have been doing all these years.

  • Francisco Javier

    Don´t take any notice of such people, no matter how good you are at something, there will always be someone only too willing to criticise for the lamest reason.

    As you said, being an expert doesn´t mean that you´re perfect, and you can certainly help students who are struggling with their English fluency. That´s what matters.

    Anyone can make mistakes in a language, whether you are a native speaker or not.