FGC Goal #1: American Slang Phrase #23: BUSTING ON SOMEONE

By Robby

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Good morning everyone! 😀

Today I’m participating in a 10K run which takes place on the Curragh, in Ireland (and it’s only within five minutes driving distance from my home so it’s quite handy to get there!), but it doesn’t deter me from learning new American English phrases and recording videos while I’m preparing for the run mentally!

It only stands to reason that if one wants something badly, one will do everything within one’s power to achieve that goal, and in my particular case I just HAVE TO record two videos a day no matter what happens!

I also have to ignore negative attitude shown by others while I’m going about my daily business if I want to stay focused on my goals, and even if someone starts BUSTING ON ME, I simply have to let it go.

It’s not always easy – especially if they’re being really mean (BUSTING ON SOMEONE might carry different connotations depending on context – there’s friendly busting and there’s also quite aggressive busting), but it’s a concept I have to embrace if I’m really serious about my English fluency development.

I’ve no time for other people’s petty grievances; I’d rather stay focused on my goals and as far as today is concerned, there are quite a few things on my schedule:

  • Doing the 10K run and hang out with my family after the event;
  • Publish the next American Phrase video on my Accent Adventure Blog;
  • Cook dinner for my family;
  • Record a video for my English Harmony Blog where I’m using American Phrases from 13 through to 24!

Now, can you see why I can’t waste any time on those people who might be BUSTING ON ME while I’m engaged in all that? It’s quite straightforward – if I don’t shut all that negativity off, I won’t get anything done!

Thanks for tuning in, and stop BUSTING ON OTHERS because you’re not going to achieve anything with all that negativity!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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