FGC Goal #1: American Slang #27: CALL BS ON…

By Robby

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Hello my friends foreign English speakers!

Do you know what you have to do when you clearly see that someone’s been lying?

You have to CALL BS ON that!

And even if that person strongly believes in what they’re saying, you can still CALL BS ON their claims and statements because you have all the rights in the world to disagree with their opinion!

Obviously, you have to bear in mind this is a slang phrase and it’s is used in highly informal situations only ❗

If you were to CALL BS ON your marketing department’s proposal to increase the advertising budget for the next year by 20% during a company meeting, it would come across as being plain rude and offensive.

If, on the other hand, you CALLED BS ON your friend’s claim that the world is once more coming to an end this year, it would be just a normal, colloquial way of saying that you think it’s total nonsense!

Want to find out more about the phrase?

Watch the video above!

Chat soon,

Robby 🙂

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