Your Body Constantly Changes – And So Does Your English Fluency!

By Robby

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Hi guys, hello boys and girls and welcome back to my Fluency Gym which is the only gym in the world where you work out your fluency, your mouth basically, instead of your muscles!

But in case you’re new to this whole Fluency Gym thing and you’ve never heard me talk about it before, I want you to read this article first where I’m talking about the fact that your mouth is just another muscle of yours.

Therefore your ability to speak is a very, very practical skill. It’s all about your ability to move your mouth in a certain way and produce sounds in a certain sequence for the English word combinations, sentences which results in a very fluent speech.

Mouth Vs Brain

You see, the traditional approach is that your speech is kind of happens in your brain, that you think first, you analyse, you string a sentence together and then you kind of speak but it’s not like that. It’s more got to do with the way language is actually wired in your mouth.

Obviously there is a very strong mind and mouth connection but your mouth is basically the most important part. That’s what I strongly believe in and that’s the kind of attitude that has helped me to achieve a very decent level of fluency myself, right?

And what I wanted to talk about today is the fact that just like your body, your fluency changes, right? And you may have not noticed that before but your body changes.

Your body in the morning is not the same as your body in the evening because the water content in your body changes over the course of the day, you know. So when you look in the mirror in the morning, you may look a bit different.

And as a matter of fact, even your weight fluctuates during the day. So there’s a whole lot of factors impacting your weight, your body composition and everything.

Fluency, Just Like Your Body, Is Constantly Changing!

And your fluency is no different. It changes during the day. You may get up in the morning not being able to speak very well and then come the afternoon, you can speak very fluently all of a sudden and then it may change towards the afternoon again.

And then come the evening you may struggle a bit and then you may find come night time that you can speak fluently again, you know. And it’s totally natural.

So why I’m saying all this is in case you’re wondering why it’s happening and that it’s not really normal,  I’m saying it is normal!

It is very normal because that is the very nature of any human being, of any living creature for that matter because everything constantly changes, nothing is static. Your physical performance changes overtime. And I’ve spoken about that before but this is something that I never touched upon before in my videos. And I actually thought that this is a very interesting concept.

What Lead Me to This Realization

And what let me to realize this is because I’m working out.

You may not know that but I go to the gym quite frequently and obviously when I look at myself sometimes even during the same day, your body changes and it’s obvious.

You look in the mirror in the morning and you may be quite well, let’s see what way would I put it? A bit skinny. And then during the workout obviously your muscles they get bigger and then come the afternoon, your body has more water content in it and it again looks a bit different.

So I thought that this is a very good way of explaining to you guys why your fluency fluctuates. It does so because it’s part of you, right?

Just like your body represents who you are obviously because that is you. Your fluency and your physical performance they’re very correlated. They’re very interlinked. And everything that’s got to do with living being such as us humans is changing overtime. There is no such thing as a static performance; over time everything changes!

Keep Pushing the Envelope NO MATTER WHAT!

So it’s a very natural thing but obviously it’s no reason to give up on your fluency improving efforts. You’ve got to be pushing yourself hard. You’ve got to be constantly trying to improve your fluency. And obviously one of the better ways of doing that is to constantly speak with yourself, do the so called spoken English self-practice which I personally do on a daily basis the whole day from the moment I get up in the morning till the moment I hit the sack and I go to sleep at night, right?

So if you haven’t checked out the Fluency Gym program yet, I really, really suggest you do because it’s a very great way of getting yourself motivated and regaining that so much needed confidence that you may have lost.

If you really don’t believe in yourself as a foreign English speaker and you think that your fluency just sucks and that your English is no good, you definitely may want to check it out because it’s stuffed full with motivational videos. And there’s an action plan that you can follow and it’s going to set you on the right track to your English fluency, right?

So check it out HERE and if you have any questions obviously you can post them in the comment section below my friends!

Thanks and I’ll chat to you soon, bye-bye!

Robby 😉

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  • Hi Sulthana,

    And thanks for getting in touch with me!

    So, first off, you have to draw a clear line between GRAMMAR and spoken and written English.

    We tend to believe that’s it’s our GRAMMAR that sucks while in reality all we need to do is keep PRACTICING our speech and writing by way of MIMICKING speech and writing patterns used by native English speakers.


    Guess what?

    ALL the necessary grammar has already been EMBEDDED in such speech and writing patterns!!!

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  • sulthana

    hello robby,,
    i am learning english from my childhood. I did my schooling in our regional language but english was the one regular subject in my school days. Now i am in college i am not good in english grammer and spoken english too. How can i improve my self? your product will help my self too or helpful those who already knew english grammer and having tendency to write in english? please help me.
    I haven’t good writing skill in english.., please reply me..,