David Gemmell’s Heroic Fantasy Fiction: How It Helped Me Define My Moral Code

By Robby

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Hi guys on this beautiful Sunday morning! 😉

Currently I’m still reading GONE series by Michael Grant, but this morning I decided to tell you a little bit about English fiction that has had a deep and profound impact on my personal development and my moral values.

David Gemmell.

He’s the man.

He’s the author of over thirty fantasy fiction books, and most notably – Druss the Legend novels. Druss is the character who struck a chord with me, and ever since I got to know him through David Gemmell’s heroic fantasy fiction, my life has never been the same.

It might sound like a far-fetched claim, but it’s true nonetheless.

Whenever I face a tough situation in life, I imagine what Druss would have done had he been in my shoes.

Whenever I’m facing a moral dilemma, I try to go by Druss moral code which is no doubt how David Gemmell lived his own life (unfortunately he’s no longer among us).

In a sense, David Gemmell’s books encapsulate the same moral values that the Bible teaches us, so I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that his first book LEGEND is my Bible.

Speaking of the language David Gemmell uses, I’ve got really great news for you, my friends foreign English speakers! Except for a few battle, horse riding and other specific vocabulary words, by and large his fiction is quite easy to read because he uses plain and simple language.

If you’re thinking of taking up reading and you don’t really know what to read, then David Gemmell’s heroic fantasy fiction is definitely something you should look into, and characters depicted in his books are very interesting, to say the least!

Not to mention the storylines which are very well thought through, and you’re guaranteed to burn some midnight oil if you start reading this particular English fiction.

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Robby 😉

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