English Idiomatic Expression: “Easier said than done”

By Robby

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If you’ve been following my blog and watching my videos for a while, you’ll know that there’s one sentence I repeat in almost every video – “Make sure you repeat and memorize this phrase so that you can make it part of your daily English conversations!”

The thing is – such and similar gems of wisdom are always quite simple yet at the same time it requires a lot of hard work to follow them in real life.

Just think about all these cliche phrases thrown at us so often most of us have probable started ignoring them and they don’t really register with us anymore:

“Enjoy alcohol responsibly!”

“Please tick this checkbox to indicate you’ve read all the terms and conditions before signing up!”

“Just do it!”

All these things are easier said than done, and that’s actually our today’s phrase! 😉

“Easier said than done” is applicable in situations when you’re given advice which is common-sense and is probably easy for the other person, but it’s not necessarily a piece of cake for you!

Let’s say, for instance, you’re a little on the shy side and you just can’t pluck up your courage and ask someone out. Your friend tells you – “Common, just do it!” to which you can respond with – “It’s easier said than done!” or “It’s easy for you to say it!” which is the same thing, in fact.

So, from now on when you find yourself in similar situations, you can use this phrase “easier said than done” and of course – don’t forget to watch the video above to hear more sample sentences! 😉

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