English Harmony Highlights of November 2011

By Robby

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Hi my fellow foreigners! Those of you who haven’t had time or just didn’t get to read my blog in November can read this monthly highlights article and you’ll get an overall impression of what I’ve been writing about recently.

This month I’ve been touching on the subject of speaking English using simple sentences once again, only this time from a slightly different angle.

In an article called Shortcut to Complete English Fluency – Learn How to Produce Instant English Speech I’m discussing a technique of finding the so-called anchor words and using them to get the message across.

As most advice on my blog, this technique can be successfully implemented when your brain feels stuffed with different English words and when you’re trying to say something to your conversation partner, many different versions of your possible response clash with each other making it very difficult to verbalize your thoughts. As a result, you may start making mistakes, and the embarrassment that often follows, adds to your inability to speak properly.

In such situations the key is to identify an anchor word or an anchor phrase and then say it regardless of how bad it sounds without a context of a larger sentence. If you have to choose between being completely tongue-tied and saying at least something, would you not go for the latter? I definitely would, and I warmly suggest you follow in my footsteps because here I am – having overcome serious English fluency issues that tormented me for years!

Another blog post I wrote also focuses on English fluency issues and I’d advise you to read it in particular if you live in an English speaking environment.

It’s called Speaking English in Unfamiliar Settings – Why You’re Ashamed of Speaking With Your Friends in English.

I used this subheadline because I refer to a particular experience of mine in this blog post when I was trying to speak in English with a friend of mind while at work, but we failed. We didn’t feel comfortable doing it, and we just kept using Latvian with each other but little that we knew that it only takes a few days practice to make it a habit!

The same goes with other situations when you normally would use your native language – with a little bit of practice you can make it your second nature to speak English in nearly every life situation. The more time you spend on it, the less you’ll experience embarrassing moments when you can’t say a word in English just because you use the English language for very specific purposes.

For instance, if you work in the IT sector and you use English mostly for industry-related matters, you may find it a little bit harder to speak with a girl behind the counter in the local grocery store.

Basically what I suggest in the article is to create lengthy spoken English practising sessions to get used to using different means of expression and specific terms, and to read more about it in detail you’re welcome to read the article by clicking HERE.

By the way – speaking of having spoken English sessions – there are more ways of getting your mouth exercised than just speaking with somebody. You may not have enough opportunities speaking with other English speaking people because of your job specifics, for instance, and you may not even reside in an English speaking country, after all! Are the chances of you getting your spoken English improved next to none?

Not at all! Here’s another article I published in November and it’s all about active English immersion. Follow the link, read the 4 ways of active English immersion and start implementing at least a couple of those techniques in your English improving routine. Believe me, it’s not so hard to become a real English immersion powerhouse if you really set your mind to it, and if you also combine the active immersion techniques with the passive ones, you will see your overall English improvement increase big time. That’s the last article I want you to look at today and it’s called 5 Ways of Passive English Immersion.

Normally you’d be advised to engage in plenty of TV watching and radio listening and also Internet browsing, but there are other little things you can do that will make a big difference over a long period of time. Remember – every little helps, so try to incorporate at least a couple of those five things mentioned in the article and in a few months down the line you’ll thank me for providing you with this information!


P.S. Are you ready to get on the fast track to spoken English fluency? Check out my English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System

P.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out the English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System
  • YASH

    Thnx Robby i will always keep your advice in my mind ..and my hearty thnx to you and your work towards english u00a0speaking and learning you have helped me alot. u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0u00a0nnu00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 u00a0 Yashu00a0

  • I really appreciate your positive feedback about my blog, Yash, thanks a lot!nnI’m very glad you’ve changed your perspective on English fluency and how to achieve it, and I really hope you’ll keep working on your spoken English until you reach a state where you feel very comfortable and confident with yourself.nnAnd don’t forget – we all struggle to some extent, I still have my own insecurities and moments when I have to monitor and manage my fluency. The key is to never give up and keep your fluency improvement trend always going up!nnBest Regards,nnRobby 😉

  • YASH

    Hey ! Robbyu00a0ni m so thankful and greatful to you u00a0with my full heart u00a0for your teachings and tips ..i wish i came across your website few years back things would have been different now but am happy that i found them now ..your tips has changed my perspective on learning english language ..i still struggle when it comes to speaking ..and i m gonna follow your tips they are really very helpful and i recomend it to every one who wish to speak fluent english ..thnx Rob..