Focus on Your Achievements & Ignore Perfectionists if They Make You Feel Worse!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

If you focus on grammar aspects of your language when you speak, you may experience the following problems:

All this in turn may result in terrible English fluency issues whereby you feel like all your achievements in terms of your ability to speak in English are for nothing!

You may feel like you’re back to square one, you may feel as if you’re never going to be a decent English speaker – and it definitely doesn’t help if someone is constantly trying to point out your mistakes in the process!

The reason why I recorded this video is because I was contacted by one of my blog readers and he asks me if it’s OK to do spoken English self-practice instead of speaking with people online who are focused way too much on the grammar aspect of the English language.

Basically he says he reads a lot, and then he summarizes each chapter by speaking out loud and developing his fluency that way. He feels much better and more confident while engaged into that exercise than speaking with smart-arses who are hell-bent on getting his grammar right without being aware of what they’re doing to his confidence and fluency.

My answer is – YES!

Focus on what you CAN say in English rather than focusing on all the imperfections.

It may get too overwhelming indeed, and it’s definitely not a good formula to develop one’s fluency & confidence.

But if some of you may think – “Hold on Robby, are you suggesting to speak with oneself instead of speaking with a real person!?” – then my answer is – “Yes! I am!”

You see – speaking with oneself isn’t such a big deal at all. It’s not so dissimilar from speaking with others, if you think about it.

And, why be so determined to get some practice with other people if all you’re getting is condescending attitude, patronizing and making your head swim with all the grammar concepts?

I’d say – focus on things you can say, use your achievements as stepping stones, and let your grammar mistakes take care of themselves! That’s the way forward if you want to experience a rapid improvement to your English fluency!


Robby 😉

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  • When you’re a learner perfection is out of the question!

    It’s better to think of “improvement” rather than “perfection”. After all, nobody’s perfect!