FGC Goal #1: American Idiom #21: FOR MY MONEY

By Robby

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FOR MY MONEY, learning various English idiomatic expressions is the best way to do all the following:

  • grow your English vocabulary;
  • learn English Grammar naturally;
  • develop your ability to speak fluently!


It’s simple enough – when you acquire speech patterns instead of individual words, you don’t have to construct English sentences in your head every time you speak.

You don’t have to apply grammar rules as you go along.

You simply say out loud ready-to-go phrases, and today’s phrase FOR MY MONEY is no different in that it’s a speech pattern used by native English speakers in America.

If you learn it and use it, your speech is going to sound so much more native-like, and you’ll also acquire that “sixth sense” which is necessary in order to use English vocabulary in more than just one way.

Let’s take the word “money”.

Money is money, right, so who would have thought that it can actually mean a different thing in a different context? But that’s the nature of English idiomatic expressions; more often than not words don’t carry their ordinary meanings but are used figuratively to describe abstract concepts with completely different meanings.

FOR MY MONEY, for example, means “in my opinion”, and it’s got nothing to do with money as such!

Want to find out more about it?

Watch the video above, my friend!

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Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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