English Idiomatic Expression: “For Some Reason Or Another”

By Robby

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Hello my friends foreign English speakers! (in case you’re wondering why I’m not referring to us – foreigners – by the name “non-native speakers”, please read this article HERE!)

For some reason or another I just haven’t been feeling like creating a lot of content lately, so I’ve been taking it easy for a couple days.

I’ve gone to bed early.

I’ve done a bit more English reading in the bed before falling asleep.

Basically I’ve been replenishing my energy stores so that I can start writing articles and producing videos for my English Harmony blog with a renewed vigor!

Now, did you notice how I used the idiomatic expression “for some reason or another”? Even though I knew the reason behind my actions – lack of energy – I still used this English phrase for the simple reason that it simply sounds cool and I like using such and similar English phrases A LOT!

Normally, however, you’d use the phrase “for some reason or another” in situations when you’re not sure of the true reasons behind the activity you’re discussing OR if you simply don’t want to elaborate on that.

Basically instead of saying:

My mom had a row with my dad last night and that must have been the reason why she forgot to make my breakfast which was the reason I went to school hungry

you can say:

For some reason or another my mom didn’t make my breakfast so I went to school hungry.

Obviously you don’t want others to know that your mom and dad had a fight, so the phrase “for some reason or another” helps with making a general statement and implying that there probably are reasons behind your mom’s forgetfulness but they’re irrelevant in the context of the conversation you’re having.

As always – for more sample sentences please watch the video above! 😀


Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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