Ask Robby: Why Do I Start Forgetting English After Moving Back to My Country?

By Robby

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In this video I’m responding to Arzhin’s comment which you can read here and here’s what he asks:

Robby I have been in an English country for 4 years. So I could speak English very well. Then I backed to my homeland. So since one year ago I am living on my homeland. But because here is no one to talk with, and no one speaks English here. So I feel that I am forgetting things. Please tell me what to do!

Also, he goes on to ask the following:

Once I read that you know 3 languages fluently how don’t you mix them? Or forget them? I need that technique!

Well, here’s my video response, and I hope that all of you are going to find it useful! 😉

Merry Christmas Everyone ❗



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  • Thanks a lot for the New Year wishes, and Many Happy Returns to You!!!
    Speaking of people treating you differently – well, yes, it’s totally true. It shouldn’t be like that because just because you can’t speak English well doesn’t necessarily mean you’re less intelligent, but unfortunately that’s the way it goes!
    Chat soon,

  • sexy

    Dear Robby,

    It’s not too late for me to wish happy new year.

    I am quit busy lately (even before).

    A week ago I noticed that people will treat you differently if they know that’s you can speak English (with politely style, not corky). My experience with dentist.

    I agree practices make perfect and I don’t have to be shy to make mistake and flaunt my strength not my weakness.

    Miss you Robby. See you.

  • Thanks for your understanding! 😉

  • arzhin

    No problem robby I don’t mind.
    Thanks for you video again.

  • Hi Arzhin,
    Sorry about that, for some reason I just assumed it’s a man’s name without looking into it, I hope I didn’t make you feel very uncomfortable about that!
    I guess I’m going to have to start doing a little bit of research into this kind of thing when I’m responding to comments in the future! 😉

  • Arzhin

    Thanks very much robby.
    That was very important to me.
    I appreciate that. But you would be better to say (she says) . But that doesn’t matter 😉 <3