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By Robby

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Successful English Writing FREE eBook
As you can imagine, I spend quite some time writing blog posts for my website and over the years I’ve become pretty good at it. Well, it’s not that I’m bragging about my writing skills, but the facts are speaking for themselves – I can write a 1600 word article in about two hours. Sure, I would have spent some time planning what to write about and editing and publishing it on my blog would also take some time.

Still the writing speed is the most notable improvement I’ve achieved when it comes to my English writing skills – compared to how I was writing 4 – 5 years ago – and I believe I could refer to it as “fluent English writing”.

What does it mean in real terms? Well, I think I wouldn’t be exaggerating by claiming I can write as fluently as I can speak; I can just start typing and keep at it until everything I’ve wanted to express has been typed into the word processing software.

And this is where we can start looking at the reason why so many foreign English speakers find it difficult to compose a coherent piece of writing. While writing an e-mail to an English speaking friend or a customer at work mightn’t be the biggest problem, bigger tasks such as writing formal letters, essays and short stories may present massive difficulties.

You may find yourself sitting in front of a monitor for half an hour having written just one or two sentences, and for some strange reason you just can’t overcome the so called writer’s block.

Is this you? Did you recognize your frustrating behavioral patterns in terms of struggling with English writing after reading the above paragraphs?

If so – I’ve something really valuable in store for you!

Just like when I published the eBook about English phrasal verbs, I’ve teamed up with David from Learning English Online once again to give away something valuable to the foreign English speakers community!

Here’s the download link for the FREE eBook How To Stop Struggling With English Writing, and here’s what you’ll find in it:

* The most life-changing secret about successful English writing.

This is seriously the cornerstone of fluent English creative writing – or indeed, writing of any kind. It doesn’t really require you to drastically change your writing habits, and you don’t have to change your writing style or anything else. You can master this technique immediately, and it will allow you to achieve your maximum writing speed in the shortest time possible. So what is it? Well, download the eBook, and you’ll find it out for yourself!

* What you have to do prior to writing.

Remember the writer’s block? Well, you may still experience it even after implementing the aforementioned secret technique, therefore you should do some preparation before you put that pen to a paper or press that key on the keyboard. It takes little time – around 5 minutes – but it can easily save an hour from your writing time! What is it? Well – get the eBook and find it in the Chapter 3!

* Eliminate the perfectionism in you and get the job done twice as fast!

In Chapter 4 of the FREE eBook How To Stop Struggling With English Writing you’ll discover what exactly you have to do to get the writing job accomplished in record short time. Yes, you heard me right – record short time! You’ll be able to put the final touch to your piece of writing when the first step is complete, but to find out what it is… well, get the eBook onto your hard drive so that you can read what exactly I’m talking about here!

* How to keep distractions from preventing you focusing on your writing.

This is very important – and I have a first-hand experience in being constantly distracted by incoming e-mail, coffee breaks and my inability to resist checking news online while I’m writing. As you can imagine – it may potentially increase your writing time three-fold, not to mention the damage it does to your ability to focus and maintain a steady flow of words while writing. As I said – important stuff, and you’ll read more about it in Chapter 5 of the eBook.

But I’d better stop ranting, my fellow foreign English speakers! I’ll leave you alone to reading the eBook you just downloaded (or did you?) so that you can improve your English writing and take it to the next level!

Successful English Writing FREE eBook

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  • Well, the actual contributor is me; David is the one I wrote this eBook for – hence the word ‘collaborator’.

  • I’ve already read the e-book. It’s got some useful tips to help you write better in English, so it does exactly what it says on the tin.nnPS: Why do you use the word “collaborator” referring to David instead of “contributor” which seems more appropriate ?

  • I’ve just downloaded the e-book. Thank you.nnAs soon as I’ve read it, I’ll tell you what I think.