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Right after the request you’ll receive an e-mail with a confirmation link which will bring you straight to the download page. And here’s the good news – you can read this eBook on your computer or laptop as a PDF file, you’ll get a MOBI version of it in case you have a Kindle eBook reader, but if you have an iPad – you can make use of the EPUB file!

Bear in mind, my fellow foreigners, that this isn’t your traditional English grammar reference book or textbook ❗

This “Practical English Grammar” eBook contains my own observations, analysis and interpretation of how English grammar is sometimes much different in real life than we expect it to be, and instead of having this “why would I speak like that, it’s not what my English teacher taught me!” attitude, I’m suggesting you to make it easier for yourself to speak English by speaking exactly like native English speakers speak!

There are twelve chapters in the eBook covering aspects of English Grammar that you wouldn’t have probably even heard of – such as how to substitute Present Simple Tense for Present Continuous Tense in order to sound more natural and friendly – yet they’re very relevant for us, foreigners!

And don’t worry, I’m not being very technical in the eBook and I’m not using very specific English Grammar related terms. All you need to know is what the Past Perfect Tense is and what GOING TO + Infinitive Future form is and you’ll understand everything I’m writing in the “Practical English Grammar” eBook! 😉

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  • Hi Dinesh,

    You don’t have to learn grammar in order to speak, in fact you can speak fluently with quite limited grammar knowledge:

    All you have to do is learn naturally occurring speech patterns and allow grammar to “seep in” by itself in the most natural way – by way of speaking. Here’s more about how it happens:

  • dinesh atal

    hey robby .. i know little bit about grammer. so to speak english should i learn grammer ?

  • Thanks so much for the nice words, much appreciated! Stay tuned for more great content to be published on a regular basis – and of course, don’t hesitate to ask any questions here on the blog!

  • Lorraine Ventura-Visco

    Greetings from Manila, Philippines!!

    You know what’s great in you, Robby? Robby, you are not a selfish person. You really extend your help to those who have difficulties in speaking better English. Keep up the good work. More power !

  • Just click on the picture and save the file!

  • farhan qureshi

    hye robby bro email and name already done but url link is not open because url link is that a picture……….

  • Hi An Huynh,

    Please refer to this to-do list on how to improve your English:



  • An Huynh

    Hello Robby,
    my mane is An, from VietNam.
    Your systems is best, I think so. It is simple, real.
    Now i have problem with my English. I want to improve it better.
    Thank you.

  • As far as I’m concerned, I’m not belittling anyone around here! I’m merely sticking to my philosophy, that’s all.

  • Kelly

    C’mon, dude. As an English teacher, I understand your point that students should be able to learn in an environment that is free from over-criticizing and doesn’t undermine their confidence in risk-taking in a new language. However, Rahul is completely valid in correcting your English. You are being called an “English Fluency Expert” here and you have a mistake in your write-up! As a teacher, take this constructive criticism and just fix it instead of belittling this guy, who is an ELL student to boot!

  • Kelly

    Nice catch, Rahul. Robby, man, fix this.

  • oktaviansyah yahanan

    thanks robby.
    introduce my name okta from Indonesia (Asia Continent)

  • rahul

    Sorry, if my comment sounded acidulous. But, suggest and recommend are the two common mistakes made by non-native speakers. I came across this thing on a website designed by a native English speaker who said Americans go nuts if they hear this.

    My statement was not intended to belittle your efforts which go a long way towards improving the fluency of a non-native speaker. In fact, I can’t speak fluently and am not aware of all the grammar rules.

  • It’s because of perfectionists like you hundreds of thousands of foreign English speakers are afraid to open their mouth.

    Sorry for being blunt, but I strongly believe that even your well-meant piece of advice carries a certain degree of condescension, and it may lead to terrible confidence issues if a person is receptive to it. I’ve grown a thick skin so I don’t really care too much, I’m just writing this to make my point.

    Basically what I’m saying is: if you set such high standards for your own English – that’s grand. But you simply don’t have any right to tell others how to speak if your advice isn’t sought for!

    My message to the world is – try to speak correctly, but don’t be too concerned about a small mistake here and there as far as you’re speaking/writing fluently and you get the basics right.

  • rahul

    Hi Robby,
    I will send an email to you. I am not sure, but, to the best of my knowledge, “suggest” is not used the way you have written. This is one of the most common mistakes non-native speakers make ( Mentioned in Cambridge’s advanced learner’s dictionary). The sentence should have been “I suggest you make it easier for yourself to speak English exactly like native speakers do.

  • Thanks!

  • Francisco Javier

    Interesting ebook, Robby.

  • Thanks Francisco, I’ll be really looking forward to your observations and also any criticism is welcome!

  • Thanks, Robby. I’ve downloaded the e-book. Once I’ve read it, I’ll tell you what I think.

    I’ll keep you posted.

  • Thanks David!

    And of course any comments on my observations in the eBook are welcome from you as a native English speaker!

    Speaking of commitment – well, when you receive comments like this, it makes it all worthwhile (received on this YouTube video

    “Thanks for the support. After I finished the exam, the examiner (who was a teacher too) told me that I was really fluent and confident while talking, and even asked me if I could pass her the websites where I have studied, so she could use them with her students. Obviously, I passed her your youtube channel. I still don´t know with what grade I passed the oral, but I suppose after those comments that with a good one :) ”

    The awareness of the fact that others gain really helpful insights on my blog which is all based on my own bad experiences and struggling with spoken English is an amazing feeling so I don’t really have a choice but to keep doing this! 😉



  • Hi Robby great idea! I just downloaded it (though my flatmate for some reason had a problem, maybe there’s a delay with her address).

    Look forward to reading it today.

    I really have to admire how committed you are to EH!