English Idiomatic Expression: “Having Said This”

By Robby

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Hi guys, and welcome to another one of my English idiomatic expression videos/blog posts!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that my approach towards English fluency improvement is phraseology and contextual learning oriented – hence my video series where I’m focusing on a specific expression at a time.

Today’s expression is “Having said this…”, and please watch the video above to hear how I’m using this particular phrase in my speech so that you can mimic me and apply the same speech pattern in your daily English conversations!

And please bear in mind that only English IDIOMS are phrases which can’t be modified; any other idiomatic expressions are quite flexible in that respect. So, even if you’re saying:

“Having said that…”

“Having said all this…”

“Having said this however…”

…you’re still following the same speech pattern and essentially using the same phrase “Having said this” – only in a slightly different form. 😉

So, don’t be afraid of slight improvisation when you’re speaking in English with other people, just make sure you’re not altering idioms such as to beat around the bush and similar – they’re expressions that always remain as they are!

Chat soon,

Robby 🙂

English Idiomatic Expressions

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  • Jarl

    I used to go running every day too, but at the end of last year I also
    had trouble keeping doing it because one of my knees hurt..and I´m an
    active person who can´t stand quiet at home! so, having said that I
    think I´d better join to gym to work out my body for a few months before
    running again!

  • While ‘Having said this’ isn’t a totally obscure or invalid phrase, you’re totally right by saying that ‘having said that’ is actually the more popular one! The video was already edited and uploaded when I realized that however, so I’ll leave it at that.

  • Francisco Javier

    “Having said that” is a lot more common than “having said this”. Just check the corpus (I’m not giving you the address because your system seems to ignore my comments when I write an internet address.

    If you want me to tell you which corpus I’m using, just say the word.