Is It Possible To Improve Your Spoken English By Watching TV?

By Robby

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  • No problem, you’re welcome! 😉

  • Anna

    Thank you, Robbie, for your kind words.

  • Thanks Anna, this is one of those rare websites that actually works! There’s plenty of movies on it, and I just actually started watching one of them – I’ll have to resume it later on because I’ve got plenty more stuff to do now on the blog…

  • Anna

    English movies with english subtitles:

  • tianchi

    Hi I found you really get a point about this TV watching thing. It’s not just a choice of program, it really decide whether or not you want to integrate into local life.
    But I have a question: is it strongly not recommended to watch TV series with my native language subtitle? But those are the only with easy access for me, since I don’t have a television actually.