English Idiomatic Expression: “In This Day and Age”

By Robby

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Today we’re going to look at the following English idiomatic expression: “In this day and age”. It’s very relevant when discussing various issues in connection with modern times such as technology or any other aspect of our lives that has seen rapid improvement.

To see what exactly I mean by that however, you should definitely watch the video above because I’ve included a lot of examples in it on how to use this English phrase.

In this day and age recording videos is easier than ever, and also publishing them on YouTube is very straightforward. It can be literally done with a push of a button, and it would be foolish of me not to take advantage of it!

But if you’ve been reading this article, you surely noticed I already provided an example of the phrase “in this day and age” – the previous paragraph actually begins with this idiomatic expression.

So, make sure to incorporate this expression into your daily English conversations (it can be either done with other people or by a way of self-practice if you’re not meeting any other English speakers) so that it stays with you instead of being forgotten within a matter of hours.

Learn it, memorize it, and by the way – if you hate memorization, you should definitely watch this video I made yesterday:

It addresses concerns you may be having related to memorization of new English vocabulary and phraseology, and it’s of particular importance to you if you hate it because it’s really boring. It doesn’t have to be boring if it’s done properly, and you’re lucky that in this day and age we have all the technology for people like me to spread new ideas of more natural and engaging English fluency improvement methods!

Thanks for watching & reading,

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  • Francisco Javier

    It’s unbelievable that in this day and age some people are still unwilling to learn English with so many resources available.