How To Increase Your English Fluency By 100% in Less Than 12h!

By Robby

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Increase English FluencyIf you think I chose the headline just to catch your attention and lure you into reading this blog post – well, this is not the case.

Your rational mind is screaming against it but I know from my own experience that it is indeed possible to speak TWICE as fluently within a 12 hour period after experiencing a typical English fluency problem! So at the moment you could be barely capable of putting a few English words together and you’d feel like a total loser when it comes to speaking English. But if you follow the method described in this article you can perform unbelievably well when you have to communicate English the next day.

It’s extremely important when you face job interviews, verbal exams, presentations and meetings. In others words – any occasion when you’re expected to speak and convey your message in English but you’re not sure about the level of your performance due to bad experiences in the past in similar situations.

So if you experience the following symptoms:

  • constant mind-chatter whenever you attempt to speak English; a feeling as if you have dozens of voices whispering English words and phrases in your head making it extremely difficult to concentrate;
  • difficulties with pronouncing English words – you’re making silly mistakes in nearly every sentence for no obvious reason;
  • ‘on the tip of my tongue’ feeling – you know what you want to say but it doesn’t come out of your mouth…

… then read on and discover how to overcome this English speech anxiety and increase your English fluency by 100% in less than12 hours!

When you experience English fluency issues like I just described, what is your natural reaction? What is your mind constantly preoccupied with?

What you’re wasting your mind power on?

If you’re anything like an average foreign English speaker, you’re trying to prove yourself that this CANNOT be right.

If you’ve a typical English fluency anxiety, then you know that you CAN speak English fluently on most occasions, but you can’t have a rational explanation as to why you’re going through something as mad as this mind-chatter and inability to communicate properly.

There’s an obvious CONTRADICTION between what you know you’re capable of and the harsh reality ❗

So you’re trying to work on the problem by ATTACKING it. Your mind is RACING trying to regain some sense of normality but it’s not possible as you’re trying to go through a dozen of different things at the same time.

Let’s imagine you’re sitting a TOEFL test and you’re about to begin the speaking part of the test. You’ve done your preparations well by cramming hundreds of English phrases in your mind. The day before you’ve been reading late into the night and your head is literally BUZZING with English content.

Your turn comes, you have to start speaking and… your mind is RACING, you open your mouth to start speaking but the very moment you utter the first word you start to question yourself – “Did I just say it right?” A few nano-seconds later the CPU in your head spews out 29 different words you COULD HAVE used instead. Your mouth stops mid-way through speech… That’s it. Your brain shuts down the very same way a computer slows down when there are too many applications running at the same time!

So what’s the obvious solution?


Start -> Turn Off Cumputer -> Restart … Simple as that ❗

So how do you restart your mind?

Force yourself to stop thinking and speaking English. Forget about English phrases, verbs, conjugations, topics for the exam, questions you’ll be asked at the job interview, forget it all – just throw it out of your mind for 12 hours ❗

This is simple, this is effective, and this works every time I experience similar issues. Years ago I used to experience terrible English fluency anxiety symptoms and I dealt with them by rebuilding my English. However, anyone can experience such moments of mind-block at some degree, and that’s when restarting your mind becomes the only solution.

When your computer freezes – you know those rare occasions when nothing happens, you can’t even move the cursor across the monitor – the only solution is to unplug the lead.

You think it’s too simple? You think I’m just joking with you? In fact, I’ve never been more serious. When there’s too much going on in your head you can’t handle it effectively anymore. And if you analyze it a bit deeper, you’ll realize that such situations occur all across the board, it’s not only limited to speaking English.

Whenever people are overly stressed about something and keep at thinking the same though over and over again, it becomes really obnoxious and takes over them. They lose control over what’s going on in their mind and a mind-chatter similar to that of English fluency issue starts happening in their head.

Have you been in a dire financial situation at some stage, for instance? Was the thought about your finances constantly repeating itself resulting in nothing more than more frustration and despair? And most importantly – were you unable to come up with a reasonable solution to the problem because your messy thoughts prevented you from rational decision making? Was it not your finances but some other issue? You see – a similar scenario takes place when you’re unable to speak fluent English and there’s a hundred and one monkeys jumping around your head and screaming!

So the only way to scatter the monkeys and regain fluent English speech is – SHUTTING the whole thing DOWN. Forget about English until tomorrow. Stop thinking in English. Stop planning for the occasion you’ve been preparing for.

Just find something to busy yourself with for the evening if you’re not already busy doing other things because idleness will lead to unnecessary contemplations which in turn can result in a repeated mind-chatter.

What happens when you STOP thinking and speaking English

Once you know that if you don’t experience the English fluency issue, your English fluency is quite good, it’s a known fact that you CAN speak English fluently, right? (If you’re struggling with fluency ALL the time but still your general English knowledge is good – please check out my English Harmony System 2.0).

So if you know for a fact you CAN, then by definition there’s nothing you can actually do to improve your ABILITY to speak fluent English. It’s always there. Even at moments when your English speech is messed up your fluency IS there – you just have to get rid of those other factors preventing it.

What are those other factors? All I described above – anxiety, mind-chatter, monkeys in your mind, messy thoughts floating around your head, hundreds of random English words appearing and vanishing as you try to speak English.

By getting rid of them you can unveil your natural state of mind which is capable speaking English by at least 100% more fluently compared to when you’re struggling with getting English speech right ❗

And as I stated previously, one of the most effective ways of getting rid of those obnoxious thoughts is by cutting on thinking or speaking ANY English stuff. Simply stop constantly trying to prove yourself that you can, there’s no point in it as you already know that you can, right? So when you become fully aware that the very state of the anxiety is the actual cause of your struggling English speech – not just a consequence – you realize that there’s simply no point in hoping that your fluency will return any moment.

A perfect scenario for restarting your system would be to fully engage your mind with something else that has nothing to do with English. Ideally, you’d spend quality time with your native friends or family so that you don’t have to be constantly reminded of the English language and the related fluency issue.

Play a board game with your kids. Go for a walk with your girlfriend. Play soccer with your friends. Mess around the kitchen and prepare something nice so that you can forget yourself in the process.

Most importantly – go for a complete immersion in some other activities so that your mind can be put to rest and you don’t even need to give moment’s consideration to the issues you were having with speaking English properly.

Hit the pillow early. Wake up the next morning. Look at yourself in a mirror and say to yourself – “Good morning! I speak fluent English!” 🙂

Even though it sounds too simple to be true, cutting thinking and speaking English for around 12h does indeed increase your English fluency by 100% – right back to your natural level!


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