English Idiomatic Expression: “It goes to show”

By Robby

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Today’s English phrase “It goes to show” provides a very handy way of drawing a conclusion during a conversation; basically it links the two parts of your statement together – the first part where you’re explaining the nature of the problem, and the second part where you’re revealing the subsequent conclusion.

This phrase can take many forms – depending on context:

  • “It goes to show”
  • “It just goes to show”
  • “It simply goes to show”
  • “Which goes to show”

The basic structure of this idiomatic expression, however, remains unchanging – GOES TO SHOW – so you may want to learn it, memorize it, and use it in your daily conversations with other English speakers and also when doing your spoken English self-practice.

Do you want to find out more about this phrase and how it’s used?

Then watch the video above! I’m going to provide you with enough sample sentences so that you can have a clear picture of how to use this English idiomatic expression!

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  • jarl

    I always enjoy when I visit this website..you´re helping me a lot and I´m improving quite my spoken English by adding expressions you teach us..Congratulations!!

  • Maddy

    A very handy structure to sum up discussions! Thank you! love your blog!

  • How come there are so few comments on this blog? With the number of visitors you have every day, you should be getting dozens of comments!

    It just goes to show that many people are content to take a passive role rather than express their thoughts.

    Another possibility is sheer laziness!