Others Don’t Judge Your English as Much as You Do!

By Robby

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Improve Spoken English

In this video episode I’m looking at how differently you perceive your own bad English fluency days from others – your conversation partners and just about anybody coming in contact with you!

You see – the thing is that we’re experiencing constant feedback between our mouth and our brain and that’s why we’re so acutely aware of our speech imperfections.

A passive observer, on the other hand, might skip most or even all of your grammar mistakes or any other shortcomings of your spoken English performance.

You can rest assured that people have their own problems to worry about, so most of your mistakes might actually pass unnoticed.

So if you’re often freaking out over your spoken English performance, please watch the video above and you may just realize that you can find great comfort in the fact that most of your confidence related issues are obvious only to yourself! 😉

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  • Sometimes they don’t spot them, I have a first-hand experience in this!

  • Francisco Javier

    I’d say a native speaker is aware of your mistakes but, as long as they don’t impede communication, they pretty much ignore them.