“Maze Runner” Series Review: Main Plot & Why I’m So Excited About It!

By Robby

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It happened during the Christmas Holiday Season last year.

My daughter gave me a book called “The Maze Runner” because I’d kept asking her for some new book to read. She wasn’t all that excited about that book herself, but I decided to give it a go and see if I find it of any interest.

Not that I would have forced myself to finish off that book had it turned out to be a totally nonsensical piece of fiction; I’d never do it for the simple reason that I value my time and I would only ever read books I’m truly drawn in by.

Eventually it turned out that “The Maze Runner” is one of the best books I’ve ever read in my life, and I’m really glad I didn’t put this particular book back onto my daughter’s bookshelf just because she wasn’t particularly fond of it herself!

There are four books in total in the “Maze Runner” series:

  • “The Maze Runner”
  • “The Scorch Trials”
  • “The Death Cure”
  • “The Kill Order”

The setting is a typical dystopian scenario – post-apocalyptic world where the civilization we know it has ceased to exist and the new world is governed by people who have the ultimate power to do pretty much anything.

The very first book – “The Maze Runner” – begins with the main character – a guy called Thomas – waking up in a huge elevator going up a long, long tunnel. He doesn’t remember anything from his previous life, and eventually he finds himself living in a gigantic maze along with a bunch of other boys.

Long story short, they escape the maze in the end of the first book and it all turns out to be a large-scale experiment orchestrated by scientists so powerful that they could build this gigantic maze in an underground facility and make the boys believe the maze was located on top of an incredibly tall mountain thanks to top-notch technology creating all sorts of visual effects.

Do you think that their ordeal was over?

Not a chance in hell!

The boys escape the maze only to find themselves as part of the next experiment, and the next book – “The Scorch Trials” – sees them crossing a vast desolate dessert because they’ve been given a task to make it within a certain period of time lest they want to be facing their doom.

They’ve no choice, so they just have to get on with the task which is fraught with perils and totally unexpected events – all the while revealing more and more about the changed world they didn’t even know existed while they were living in the gigantic maze…

Here’s why I like the “Maze Runner” series:

  • The concept of this post-apocalyptic world is simply amazing and mind-blowing.
  • It’s very easy to relate to the main characters in those books which makes it a very personal reading experience.
  • It’s written in plain and straight-forward language!

So, if you’re a foreign English speaker looking for some good English books to read, you needn’t look any further than the “Maze Runner” series by James Dashner!

You’re going to improve your English comprehension skills at an accelerated rate just because you’ll be so drawn into the reading process that you won’t even realize that your brain is processing all that information and learning to recognize certain words you mightn’t have been familiar with prior to reading these books.

That’s how I’m widening my passive vocabulary, and I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t start reading English fiction if you’re anything serious about your English improvement!

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Chat soon,

Robby 😉

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