How I Made a Nonsensical English Mistake 3 Times in a Row!

By Robby

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Today I got talking with one of our secretaries about reading for the simple reason that I had Michael Grant’s book “LIES” sitting on the table.

After a short chat about reading in general she asked me if I own a Kindle reader to which I simply wanted to reply with “Well, my daughter owns a Kindle reader!”

Guess what?

I made a completely stupid mistake in that simple sentence, and not only that!

I tried to say the sentence once more, and the very same thing happened again!

Then I started pronouncing those words for the last time, and to my dismay I made the same stupid mistake for the THIRD TIME! 😡

Now, the only explanation to this is a glitch in my brain. I can’t see any other reason as to why it should have happened  especially considering the fact that the mistake was 100% illogical!

Are you curious what exactly I said to our secretary during my launch-break?

Then watch the video above, you’re more than welcome!

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