English Idiomatic Expression: “Over the years”

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

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Hello, my foreign English speaking friends! 😉

I’ve been away for a short while, but it’s only because I’m working on a lot of things currently – one of which is my upcoming English confidence coaching program – and by no means I’m thinking of stopping publishing my daily idiomatic expression videos!

I enjoy the process immensely, and if I had to list things I’ve really loved doing here on EnglishHarmony over the years, these daily idiomatic expression videos would definitely come at the top!

The expression we’re going to look at today is “over the years”, and if you’re attentive enough you did notice that I actually used it in the previous sentence.

To hear more sample sentences on how to use this particular English phrase, please watch the video above. It’s stuffed full with other phrases and expressions as well as the one from today’s lesson, so you may want to watch it a good few times and memorize even more idiomatic expressions from it than just this one – “over the years”.

Thanks for watching,

And see you soon again!

Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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  • Thanks, and I’ll most definitely keep blogging and posting my videos so that you can enjoy them, you can be sure of that! 😉

  • Daisy

    i never get bored of following up your blog over the years so keep going on 🙂

  • I see your point.

    I didn’t know the full story. He had it coming.

  • Believe me, Francisco, it wasn’t harsh at all.

    If a person keeps posting abusive comments without trying to engage in any kind of reasonable discussion, what am I supposed to do, let him accuse me of all things imaginable on my own blog and just stand by?

    Those few comments you saw were just the tip of an iceberg; he went on to write about me being a scammer and my product being totally useless and so on; he was posting such comments on random articles on my blog with a clear intention of just pissing me off.

    The thing is, when I checked his user stats I could clearly see he hadn’t even finished half of the first Module – never mind completed the entire course! – so not only was he making totally unreasonable claims but he was simply trolling my blog, and that’s why I banned him.

    Expressing your opinion in a normal, civilized way is one thing, but posting abuse with no intention of engaging in any kind of a reasonable discussing is plain trolling.

    Basically his story goes something along these lines: half a year ago he purchases my product and makes a half-ass attempt to do something about his fluency; a couple of weeks down the line he just abandons the lessons because not taking action is clearly easier than doing some work and work on one’s fluency and spoken English development; then a few months after he drops into my blog, watches a couple of videos of me speaking, and the fact that he hasn’t taking any action starts annoying him. Instead of blaming himself for his lack of action, he finds outlet to his anger in me, my blog and my product simply because it’s emotionally easier. He starts rubbishing the basic principles behind the English Harmony System and my videos, and challenges my ability to speak in real life etc implying that all my videos are staged or whatever.

    Now, even if I did record a video with me speaking with another person, do you honestly believe it would change his mind? Of course it wouldn’t! And not only that, he became abusive right after posting that comment so he clearly wasn’t just trying to express his doubts in the effectiveness of my approach.

    He came to bash me because he didn’t use the product, it was totally irrational, rude and I’m done talking about it!



  • Wasn’t it a bit harsh to ban that guy from this site because they doubted your ability?

    I’m not defending him but maybe a caution would have been better

    I like the phrase, by the way. Not long ago, I used a similar phrase in my blog: “over the past few days”.