Funny English Phrases #1 – Buying a Pair of Jeans

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

Hi my friends foreign English speakers!

You must have noticed I’m not posting here on my blog as often as I used to, but you can rest assured that I’m not neglecting this project! I’m simply too busy editing new English Harmony lessons and working with my partner Will who creates all content for the lessons.

So, while I’m working on the major English Harmony System’s update, I decided to post weekly short videos stuffed with useful everyday English phrases you can use in different situations – when shopping, visiting your doctor or even facing an interviewer in a job interview.

Today’s video is dedicated to shopping. Watch it, and who knows – maybe some of those phrases will come handy the next time you’re out shopping for new clothes!

Robby 😉

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English Harmony System
  • Lizze1

    I recently bought the English Harmony System’s2.0, but how will I get the English Harmony System’s update?

  • I’m quite busy now working on the English Harmony System’s update but I’ll keep these videos coming, don’t worry! 😉

  • sid

    Waiting for more, Robby..:)

  • sid

    Thank you Robby! All your posts have helped me immensely! This is such a wonderful way of learning phrases.

  • What do you mean “might have”? I DO have very smart brain! :-)))

  • Ninelhohrine

    This video is really funny and it taught me some new phrases! The creator might have very smart brains:)

  • Nice pair of jeans.