English Collocation: “Sufficient Information”

By Robby

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Hello my friends! 😀

Today I’m bringing you another English idiomatic expression, although technically it’s rather a collocation than a typical expression.

What’s the difference?

Well, a collocation is a two or more English word combination observed in a native English speech (and also writing), and the funny thing is that there’s practically no way of telling WHY this or that particular thing is said in a certain way. You simply have to learn it and use it, that’s all!

Let’s take, for example, today’s collocation ‘sufficient information’.

It’s a TYPICAL way English speakers refer to the minimum amount of information necessary to get something done; the simplest way of putting it would be ‘enough information’, I guess.

Sufficient information, however, is the EXACT way native English speakers would describe a situation when one hasn’t been able to fulfill their work related duties because of lack of information, for example:

“Sorry sir, but I wasn’t provided sufficient information therefore I couldn’t have possibly accomplished the assigned task!”

For more similar sample sentences please watch the video above, and I hope that the video combined with this article is going to provide you with sufficient information for you to be able to start using this English collocation in your own speech!

Hope you find this helpful! 😉

Chat soon,


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  • Well, I’m trying my best, thanks! 😉 Nobody’s called me a king before, so I guess I must be doing the job right! 😉

  • zakoiakapa

    you always give us sufficient informations ..thanks king robby

  • idiomrobby777

    You’re dead right, there is such a thing as ‘insufficient information’!

  • There’s also the opposite: “insufficient information”