FGC Goal #1: American Phrase #1: TELL YOU WHAT!

By Robby

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Hi boys and girls ❗

I’m going to learn some American English phrases within the next 25 days, and I’m going to shoot for 50 phrases in total.

Here’s the video I published yesterday on my English Harmony blog where I announced this mission, and it’s all done as part of my Fluency Gym Coach Program (FGC – hence the title on the video “FGC Goal #1”) where people can set their own English confidence and fluency improvement related goals and achieve them using my program as an effective framework.

My goal is basically to add 50 new American phrases onto my active vocab, and the first phrase I’m doing today is TELL YOU WHAT.

It’s a very handy way to make your point when speaking with another person, and it could be put into other words simply as HERE’S THE THING.

What’s the difference then between HERE’S THE THING and TELL YOU WHAT? – you may ask.

Tell you what – sometimes it’s really hard to put it into words, so better watch the video above where I’m using the phrase TELL YOU WHAT quite a few times and you’ll get the full picture on how this American English phrase is used in real life conversations! 😀

See you tomorrow,

Robby 😉

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  • idiomrobby777

    Yes, this phrase is very informal, and I touched upon that aspect in the video!

  • Sergio Rodrigues

    Doesn’t “tell you what” sound like a command rather than an introductory statement?

  • idiomrobby777

    Tell you what – you better make sure you do, or else your spoken English is not going to develop as quickly as you want it to happen! :-)))

  • idiomrobby777

    Thanks for the comment, I really appreciate your positive feedback! 😉

  • jose

    Hi Robby,
    No problem with the sound at all. I could follow it perfectly and it´s very enjoyable, so I tell you what I´ll try to practise this sentence in my next self-practise spoken English like you advise us! Thank you!

  • Tatjana

    I like this video. It`usefull and in fact it`s better video than I wathed befor. But, like you say -If you don`t like it -don`t wach it.
    I will continue to learn English with your videos!
    Thak you!

  • idiomrobby777

    I guess people like you who are serious about their English improvement wouldn’t scrutinize my videos to the extent some perfectionists do!

    I suppose that person would have liked to see me create some crazy surround sound effects but I have to disappoint him because I haven’t got expensive recording equipment!

  • sachin

    * correction in 1st line

    i found the word…. we call it as “dubbing artist”.

    i heard that video in question and couldn’t find any audio related issue as the commentator says.

  • sachin

    i found the word…. we it is “dubbing artist”.

    i heard that video in question and couldn’t find any audio related issue as the commentator says.