English Idiomatic Expression: “To be more specific”

By Robby

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I started this new blog EasyIdioms.com about two months ago; in fact, I published the very first Idiomatic Expression Video here on February 6, 2013, to be more specific!

Today’s expression is “to be more specific”, and you just witnessed a typical way of using this English phrase. Basically you can add this useful hesitation filler phrase at the end of any sentence where you mention specific dates, numbers or figures.

Here’s another typical example.

I’ve posted slightly more than ten blog posts on this blog; the actual number is eleven, to be more specific!

This English idiomatic expression will come in handy in any conversation where you mention any kind of figures and numbers, and you really can’t get it wrong, my friend foreign English speaker.

There’s not much to know in terms of using this phrase in real life conversations – just repeat it, memorize it, and start using it! 😀

As always, for more sample sentences watch the video above.

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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