English Collocation: “Well Thought Through”

By Robby

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In this blog post I’m going to focus on the following English collocation: “well thought through”.

It’s just another way of saying “well planned”, and it’s how native English speakers – or fluent foreign English speakers! – would speak in circumstances when they have to describe a very well planned activity, arrangement, or even a physical object or structure.

Anything can be well thought through.

A well thought through business development plan.

A very well thought through fire escape route which ensures the fastest evacuation of company’s employees in the case of fire.

Furniture in your house can be arranged in a very well thought through fashion ensuring the optimal functionality and creating a nice impression.

In other words, whenever you want to point out that it’s obvious that someone has put a lot of thought into some process, you can use the English collocation “well thought through” to make your English speech more native-like!

Would you like to find out other ways of using this English phrase? Then watch the video above where I’m coming up with random sentences including the collocation “well thought through”!

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