“Th” Pronunciation – Thank You or Senk You?

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

In video Episode #7 you’ll hear me discuss benefits and drawbacks of pronouncing the voiced and unvoiced English sounds ‘th’ – ð and θ – the traditional way.

Generally I’m agreeing with the general English teaching principle of trying to pronounce those sounds as close to their native pronunciation as possible. Nonetheless, there are situations when foreign English speakers are much better off with replacing the ð and θ sounds with easier ones like d and t.

I know that many ESL and EFL teachers would kill me for saying that, but I’ll risk it anyway! 😉

So before you judge me, watch Episode #7 above and post your comments below. I welcome all opinions as it’s the best way of encouraging discussions which have potential to begin shifting public opinion.

You also may check out these different ‘th’ pronunciations among different Englishes:

How ‘th’ is pronounced in South East England

How ‘th’ is pronounced in Ireland

How ‘th’ is pronounced in Scotland

So if you’re hearing comments about your English pronunciation such as – you’re saying ‘Thank you’ wrong, it’s not ‘tank you’ but ‘thank you’! – don’t mind them. Those who try to get the pronunciation as perfect as possible often find they can’t speak as effortlessly and easily!

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Senks and talk to you soon,

Robby 😆

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