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English Idiomatic Expression: “There’s one thing I can say for sure”

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Using the expression “There’s one thing I can say for sure” is a very handy and convenient way of letting your conversation partner know that you’re about to say something they don’t have a reason to disbelieve.

There’s a couple of similar expressions you can use to convey pretty much the same message:

If you learn this particular expression, however – “There’s one thing I can say for sure” – you’ll have another English phrase added onto your active English vocabulary and you’ll have more phrases to choose from!

You can even use ALL the above mentioned phrases during a single conversation to stress the fact that you’re 100% sure about the thing in question, and it’s nothing unusual. People do it all the time to reiterate and reinforce their verbal message, so you may want to employ the same technique when speaking with other English speakers.

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English Idiomatic Expressions

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