English Fluency Problem

By Robby

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English Fluency Problem

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Let’s first talk about this English fluency problem so that you can analyze it a little bit and understand its nature.

Let’s say, you wake up in the morning and while doing something you just have an odd thought in English in your mind. And…you realize that you just can’t express yourself in English language as you’d normally do!

You try to say something in English to yourself and you feel that you can’t stick the thoughts together – your mind is full of different words and images floating and messing…

Another example. You go to work and greet the first person you meet. “How are you! I’m fine, what was the weekend like?” – And then you suddenly feel that you have to force yourself to get even these simple things right! And when you start chatting to your workmate at your desk, you feel that you can’t speak normally as you could before, although only yesterday you could speak fluently as a native speaker!

The usual mistakes you make when experiencing the speech problem are the following:

  •  Not being able to find the right words
  •  Mispronouncing words
  •  Not being able to say the thought clearly!

You start a sentence, and then the very thread of the thought vanishes, and something like a blackout takes place in your head.

And then you get really anxious and nervous and it affects your whole day – your mood drops below zero, the self-esteem is gone, the confidence… well, it’s a disaster! I don’t exaggerate, I know the feeling all too well and I guess, so do you.

The most baffling thing in this all is that no matter how often you speak, no matter how long you’ve been living among English speaking folks, the things don’t change! It keeps on repeating constantly and with no obvious reason at all! 😥

I remember myself being a job-seeker at one stage and I attended many job interviews. One day I could speak perfectly creating a really good impression about myself. The next day going to a different place I’d experience the issue described above – and, of course, I’d feel really low because the interviewer most likely thought – well, this guy can’t get the English right in the first place, what job is he dreaming about then?

And I know you have gone through a number of really embarrassing situations similar to previously described and you’d be more than happy to deal with the issue once and for all, wouldn’t you?

So first let’s list all the characteristics of this English fluency issue so that we can clearly see what we are trying to get resolved here!


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  • Hi Manoj,

    Please check out the English Harmony System 2.0 – http://englishharmony.com/improve-spoken-english.php

    It’s a unique speech exercising multimedia course for those who are struggling with English fluency.


    Robby 😉

  • manoj

    hi sir i wnt to talk fluently plse suggest courses

  • Hi Ketan,

    Here’s a short video I recorded a few days ago. Watch it and you’ll find out how to overcome the issue you mentioned in your comment:




  • adv.ketan ranade

    hello sir..m ketan i have completed my law and now searching for job and i completed my school education in marathi medium now m facing problem to speak in english fluently, when i start talking words just don’t get out & I give up talking….plzzzz help me out its really frustrating plzzz help me

  • Hi Bismita and Jyothi,

    Well, the first and most important advice to speak confidently is – slow down. Yes, that’s the biggest mistake made by foreign English speakers! By trying to speak fast and sound native, you can only mess up your speech big time, and your self-confidence is literally draining away.

    By the way, I’m going to make a video about the importance of speaking slowly and in a controlled manner quite soon, so please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get notified about it http://www.youtube.com/user/EnglishHarmony



  • jyothi


    Iam Jyothi….i do have the same problem with my fluency….wt shall i do…..please give me some tips to improve fluency

  • i m facing same problem which is mention above.I m trying it to speaking for last 2-3 years but still not able with confidence sso plz plz help me out

  • Hi Doman and Romikaa,

    Please check out my English Harmony System 2.0 – it does exactly what you’re looking for – http://englishharmony.com/improve-spoken-english.html

    Also check my video blog regularly – http://englishharmony.com/blog/category/video-blog/ – I’m putting up new videos every week and you’ll find plenty of practical advice in them!


    Robby 🙂

  • romikaa

    i m facing same problem which is mention above ,i just wanted to know is really English can learn ,if so pls hpw i m trying it to speaking for last 2-3 years but still not able with confidence sso plz plz help me out

  • doman

    hi sir,
    i need ur help to improve my english speaking skill…..

  • Dear Rajib and Ranjit,

    I truly understand the way you feel about being unable to communicate effectively. The right mindset is part of the solution, but as you’ve already pointed out, you need to practice. You need to speak. And there’s no better way to improve English fluency by speaking and repeating grammatically correct phrases.

    My English Harmony System 2.0 is based on this principle and you can find more information here: http://englishharmony.com/improve-spoken-english.html




    I want to speak english fluently.I can speak, But it is very slow.I do under stand better. I need a partner I think as like as me. I am having computer with out net. Solve the problem please. It is very necessery to speak english.


    That is what I am not speak in English in fluen, In this situation what should I do pls. advice.

  • Hi Parvez,

    I didn’t really get your question, could you please put it in slightly different words?

    D. Rajesh – well, that is issue I’ve been facing and I’ve dealt with. My English Harmony System 2.0 deals with it effectively – you can find more details here: http://englishharmony.com/improve-spoken-english.html





  • parvez khan

    sir, whatever u have written is true.because i have a lots of problem while talking in front of any people but i always use to speak in english only but fluently not comes in my tongue. how do i get this please let me know.

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  • Hi Suji,

    Here’s a very good article explaining the first steps you need to make to start speaking English:

    Hope it helps,


  • i can understand english but iam not able to speak … even i dont know how to speak also… wil you please give such tips for me…

  • Dear Varshney,

    As a matter of fact, it’s very important to STOP being frustrated. It is part of the fluency issue – the more pressure you put on yourself, the harder it becomes to speak decent English.

    By accepting yourself just as you are and not being ashamed of your speech you’re making the first step towards dealing with the fluency issue.

    The next steps – speaking slower, not using difficult language and stopping translating from your native language while speaking English.



  • varshney

    What ever you have mentioned above is very true.And I find myself in similar situations.
    I am really Frustated with my self

  • Danyal

    What ever you have mentioned above is very true.And I find myself in similar situations.
    I am really Frustated with my self.
    Please help!!!