English Harmony Highlights of September 2011

By Robby

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Another month has literally flown by so it’s time to look back at what I’ve been blogging about – just in case you didn’t have enough time to read the English improving related articles and videos I’ve been publishing during the last few weeks!

So this is yet another monthly synopsis, and the first thing I’d like to recommend to you for reading is an article about smart English phrases. If you’ve been reading my blog previously, you’ll know that I’m not inclined towards using very rich and sophisticated language; I’m rather a proponent of using simpler language that most foreign English speakers would be more comfortable with.

Having a few smart English phrases in store, however, won’t do you any harm because there are many occasions when they’ll come in handy. For instance, is there a better phrase than “it puts things in perspective” to describe a situation when something makes you realize the real nature of a particular issue? So if you want to find out how to use such and similar English phrases read this blog post and start using at least a couple of them in your daily English conversations!

Another very important article I want you to read is called “How To Hesitate Like A Native English Speaker” and it touches on the subject of filling moments of silence and hesitation when you speak with someone. It might not sound of a particular importance at first, but if you think about it for a while you’ll realize it’s crucial in order to maintain fluent English speech.

Hesitation during a conversation is not an issue in itself; it becomes one, though, if you allow those moments to confuse you to an extent that you get stuck and you’re unable to continue with the same thread of thought. There are many short phrases and hesitation fillers you can use to give yourself enough time for finding the right words or figuring out what your opinion is on the issue you’re being asked about.

Also, if you know how to hesitate properly, you’ll avoid embarrassment that may occur if your conversation partner is forced to look at a person who suddenly becomes silent and leaves him guessing whether he’ll get any response at all!

But now let’s look at one of the video episodes I published in early September – it’s one of Practical English Grammar episodes where I explain relevant English Grammar aspects within the context of spoken English. The latest episode is dedicated to embedded questions – it may sound very smart while in fact it’s all about word order in questions preceded by another phrase.

What it means in real terms? It’s simple enough – there are occasions when you don’t have to make the effort to construct a grammatically correct interrogative sentence, and it’s not something all foreign English speakers are familiar with! Just watch the video above or read the article here to get to know all the nitty-gritty of English embedded questions!

Another topic I’ve been writing about in September is how to improve your spoken English by using online resources. Well, the number one recourse is, of course, my blog, but there are other websites that come quite close to mine in terms of providing superb content! 😀

Putting the jokes aside, here are the two articles you should read if you often find yourself sitting at the computer looking up new English words and trying to figure out how a particular phrase or idiom sounds: “The Only 2 Websites You’ll Ever Need To Improve Your English” and “Useful Tips On Improving Your English Using Google”.

While reading those two blog posts you’ll be reminded once again of the importance of learning new words in the context and only through other English words – don’t even think of getting your native language involved! If you’re serious about speaking English fluently, you need to adopt natural English speaking patterns and all that information is freely available online – literally a few clicks away!

And now to top if all off – a freebie for you to enjoy!

Another FREE eBook written by me and put together by David from Learning English Online about Successful English Writing!

As you can imagine, I spend a lot of time writing articles for my blog, and over the years I’ve figured out quite a few shortcuts and techniques to make writing in English easier, faster and more efficient.

Have you ever struggled to write even a short piece in English while speaking about the same subject wouldn’t present much difficulty to you? Don’t worry – you’re not alone! So many foreign English speakers struggle with creative and even formal English writing because they think writing is something special.

I’m dispelling many myths about English writing in my eBook and I bet that next time you’ll find it much easier to write something if you take a few simple pieces of advice into account!

All right, thanks for reading my blog and I hope you’ll find at least some of my articles useful. And, of course, don’t forget to engage in as many English conversations as possible – even if you have to speak with yourself if you’ve got no-one else to talk to!


P.S. Are you ready to get on the fast track to spoken English fluency? Check out my English Harmony System HERE!

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P.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out the English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System