Can You Become Fluent in English if You Don’t Have a Talent for Languages?

By Robby

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Natural Talent for Languages

Improve Spoken English

Time and time again I’ve been told by all sorts of different people that I have a talent for languages.

And when they find out I speak three languages fluently – Latvian, Russian and English – their opinion of my abilities is pretty much identical: “Robby, you’re naturally gifted when it comes to language learning! I wish I were like you!”

And guess what?

I think it’s a load of crap!

I honestly believe that my ability to speak three languages fluently has nothing to do with my alleged talent for languages.

And I also believe that ANYONE is capable of learning to speak English fluently regardless of whether you believe you have a talent for it or not.

It’s just that most people don’t realize they have the potential to become fluent in English due to one or all of the following reasons:

  • They think they’re not naturally gifted so they don’t WORK HARD on their English
  • Deep down inside they know they’re too lazy to do something about their English skills so they use the lack of talent as an EXCUSE
  • They’re using the WRONG METHODS to improve their English so the whole “I’m not naturally gifted at languages” thing becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Now, would you like me to prove to you that YOU DEFINITELY have what it takes to become fluent in English – and any other language for that matter?

Then keep reading this article and don’t forget to leave a comment when you’re done!

Hard Work is 90% of the Outcome!

Hard Work is 90 Percent of the Outcome
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that it was Arnie who once said that talent is only 10% of one’s success and the rest 90% is HARD WORK.

And even if I am wrong and it wasn’t him, I still fully agree with this statement based on my own experiences with learning English and doing all sorts of other things throughout my life.

Back in the day I was the least talented person as far as sports and fitness is concerned, but I’ve been working my butt off during the last 8 years to achieve quite a decent level of fitness.

Am I genetically blessed when it comes to physical performance?

Have I always been fit and active?

Well, it’s actually far from it!

I was overweight and getting sick all the time but just like I said – I invested my blood, sweat and tears to turn my life around despite not being NATURALLY gifted with good genes.

I WORKED HARD and the results speak for themselves – at the age of 36 I look and feel better than ever in my life.

Same goes with certain English improving related aspects such as pronunciation, for example.

A few years ago I decided to invest hard work into improving my English pronunciation and despite my natural English pronunciation being heavily accented, I managed to change it into a much more native-like sounding pronunciation.

It was hard and it took a lot of work, but I just went for it while ignoring everyone who kept saying it couldn’t be done and that my natural accent is what it is.

So remember my friends – becoming really good at something requires 90% of hard work and English learning is no different!

You think my English is fluent because I’m naturally gifted?


It’s because I’ve spent almost 10 years engaged in a CONSTANT SPOKEN ENGLISH PRACTICE! I’ve spent thousands of hours exercising my mouth and that’s why I’m fluent.

Remember – HARD WORK.

Don’t Make Any Excuses!

Don't Make Any Excuses
Oftentimes people blame the lack of talent while in reality they’ve only themselves to blame.

It’s as if to say: “I’m not naturally gifted to be good at languages anyway, so what’s the point in wasting my time trying to learn English? I’m never going to be good at it anyway!”

And so this statement becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for the simple reason that the person in question DOESN’T TAKE ANY ACTION.

It’s not really a good place to be, isn’t that right?

You’re simply allowing some pre-conceived notion of yourself to determine your success!

Wouldn’t it be much better if you took the initiative and decided to become a fluent English speaker by immersing yourself in the English language?

Well, I can see why one wouldn’t want to go down this road though…

You have to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions.

You have to commit to certain goals and if you don’t do it, you’ve only yourself to blame. But it’s so much easier to blame the lack of talent, right?

So, from this moment and on, don’t make any excuses.

Just be honest and admit to yourself that it’s YOU – not the lack of talent!

Using the Right English Improving Methods

Use the Right English Learning Methods
When I came to Ireland 13 years ago, my spoken English was crap despite my reading, writing and grammar skills being quite decent.

I was shocked at first, but I didn’t throw the towel in – I started working really HARD on my fluency and I DIDN’T make any EXCUSES either.

Still, for the first 5 years all of my English improvement related efforts counted for nothing for the simple reason that I was using the WRONG METHODS:

  • I was learning individual English words instead of learning COLLOCATIONS;
  • I was learning GRAMMAR RULES instead of learning correct SPEECH PATTERNS;
  • I was translating everything to and from Latvian instead of using ENGLISH ONLY;
  • I was STICKING WORDS TOGETHER when trying to speak instead of learning ready-to-go PHRASES and SENTENCES.

And I know for a fact that plenty of my fellow foreign English speakers are using the same wrong methods (I’m getting dozens of e-mails on a daily basis!) and as a result they’ve stopped believing that one day they could in fact achieve the so much desired English fluency.

Their spirit is defeated and they’re ready to give up on their efforts altogether…

What YOU Can Learn From This

Bottom Line
Here’s the bottom line my friends:

Talent has NOTHING to do with your ability to learn to speak English fluently. We ALL have what it takes to become fluent English speakers!

I’ve personally witnessed beautiful transformations from struggling English speakers into fluent individuals when coaching my Fluency Star students for example, and I simply know that for as long as you invest your blood, sweat and tears into the process and use the right methods (SPEAKING all the time), your fluency is going to improve BIG TIME!



P.S. Would you like to find out why I’m highlighting some of the text in red? Read this article and you’ll learn why it’s so important to learn idiomatic expressions and how it will help you to improve your spoken English!

P.S.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out my English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System

P.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out the English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System
  • Thanks so much for the nice words, I really appreciate your positive feedback! :-))

  • zakoiakapa

    do you know why i like u, cuz you’r not a classic teacher
    do you know why i like u, cuz you struggled before reaching at such level
    do you know why i like u, cuz you r doing that from the bottom heart.its easily to notice it by the way
    do you know why i like u, cuz in one topic cleverly you touche several issues and put practical solutions.putting idioms and collocations .. on red..its an obvious prove that you are giving your best …and and and ..carry on

  • Thanks Shashikala,
    I really appreciate you reading my blog and I couldn’t agree more with you on the fact that we have to work really hard to achieve our goals – talent or no talent!

  • Shashikala

    Hi Robby
    The above blog is very good, , you have taught me that “with our talent we must have the hard work also without any excuses” That is very correct Robby.
    Thank you for your blog

  • Exactly! Don’t ever let any restrictive circumstances hold you back! It’s always possible to find excuses as to why it’s impossible to do something, but in reality almost everything is possible! 😉

  • zolihatef

    Hi and thank you so much. I am totally agree with what you have mentioned. Talent is just 10 percent of mastering in any field the rest is the person himself.

    I myself live in a country that there is no chance to speak in English. But,as I practice on my own, once I spoke to my Australian or American friend on Skype for the first time, they said to me that I have a good reasonable accent and pronunciation. So, that’s very true practice makes a lot of sense.