English Idiomatic Expression: “To be honest with you”

By Robby

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To be honest with you guys, I didn’t have a clue as to what exactly I was going to say when I sat down to record today’s video…

I just winged it (it’s one of those American slang expressions I learned while watching Desperate Housewives, and it means ‘to improvise’) , and I’m quite hopeful you’re not going to be too critical of me!

Today’s phrase actually happens to be ‘to be honest with you’ – which is how I actually started off this article – and it’s a perfect way of establishing trust and connecting to your conversation partner or the audience you’re facing.

You’re basically appealing to the other person’s conscience by showing that you’re ready to be completely honest and upfront with them, and even if there’s nothing for you to hide from your conversation partner, the phrase ‘to be honest with you’ still works at a subconscious level. At least I’d like to think so! 😀

On top of that, this phrase can be used in pretty much any context, and that makes it a perfect hesitation phrase. It’s a term I’ve coined myself (at least I haven’t heard anyone else refer to such and similar phrases this way!), and it describes a very general phrase you can use to buy more time to think of the right word to say or simply gather your thoughts.

So, if you’re interested in more aspects of using this phrase and also if you want to listen to what else I have to say – you should definitely watch the video above!

All kinds of comments and feedback is welcome!

Chat soon,

Robby 😉

English Idiomatic Expressions

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