English Idiomatic Expression: “You better make sure to”

By Robby

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There are many ways to let the other person know that you want them to follow a certain course of action:

You have to…

You should…

You must…

Today’s English idiomatic expression “You better make sure to” carries pretty much the same meaning and is also used when you want the other person to do something and you also want to stress the fact that if they don’t do as suggested, there will be consequences.

This expression actually contains a hidden warning message in it – “You better make sure to (or else…), so you’d most likely use this phrase when speaking with someone who won’t mind to be spoken to in a slightly condescending tone – your child or your subordinate at work, for example.

Having said this, however, I have to admit there are situations when the phrase “You better make sure to” doesn’t come across as preaching. If you’re explaining some work-related process to your work colleague, for example, you may want to use this phrase to emphasize the importance of this or that particular thing in the process in question.

If you want to get a full picture on how to use this phrase, however, watch the video above, my friend foreign English speaker!

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