You Think I Speak Fluent English Because I Live In Ireland? Nope!

By Robby

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If you were to find out I live in Ireland, which is an English speaking country, would you automatically assume all the credit for my fluency goes to me living among native English speakers?

Well, guess what?

Nothing could be further from the truth!

I’d say that 90% or my success as an English speaker can be directly attributed to constant spoken English self-practice and if you doubt that – just check out this link HERE where my blog visitors and customers are providing hard proof that spoken English self-practice works indeed!

You see, the way I see it, the major problem that we, foreigners, have is that most of us live in foreign countries where English isn’t spoken on the street.

As a result you may be under the wrong impression that it’s next to impossible to become a fluent English speaker when living abroad.

I say – it’s just an excuse!

In reality there’s NOTHING to stop you from doing spoken English self-practice anywhere on our planet, and I would even go so far as to say you could do it on the Moon as well – provided you were really determined to improve your English fluency.

Going back to the original subject which is all about believing that it’s only when you move to an English speaking country that you can develop your fluency to a native-like standard – what about people who’ve lived in countries such as the US or the UK for decades but still can’t speak fluently?

You see – at the end of the day, it all boils down to the fact that a lot of people don’t even get the chance to speak with native English speakers (me included – sometimes I’d go for months without much interaction with locals!), so it’s all about how much EFFORT you’re going to put into your practice!

If you just keep complaining that you can’t develop your fluency because of this, that and the other – well, guess what? It WON’T happen!

If, on the other hand, you work really hard just like me – speaking with yourself and recording your speech on a camcorder whenever you get a chance – your speech is going to improve big time and there’s no reason why you can’t achieve a really high standard of fluency in a few years’ time!

Bottom line:

Unless you’re LIVING with other English speakers and speaking with them 24/7, living in an English speaking country will never be enough to become fully fluent in the language. You have to WORK really hard on your speech by way of spoken English practice to achieve native-like fluency!


P.S. Would you like to find out why I’m highlighting some of the text in red? Read this article and you’ll learn why it’s so important to learn idiomatic expressions and how it will help you to improve your spoken English!

P.S.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out my English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System

P.S. Are you serious about your spoken English improvement? Check out the English Harmony System HERE!

English Harmony System
  • Teacher Aija

    Yes sure, because I am proud to know that we’re from one country! Yes it’s not impossible to become fluent even if you don’t live in English speaking country. And even more I am teaching English online

  • Hello to my fellow Latvian, thanks for dropping by! 😉 It’s been a while since another Latvian has commented my blog – if I’m not mistaken, so far there’s only been one so you’re the second one!
    So you’re saying you’ve achieved English fluency while living in Latvia – just goes to show there’s nothing impossible about it, right?
    Thanks for the comment and I hope you’ll stick around for more articles and videos to come in the near future!

  • Teacher Aija

    Hi 🙂 I don’t live and have never lived in any English speaking country but I do speak fluent English 😉 I am from Latvia

  • You must be seeing things Nick – it says there “you could do IT on the Moon”, doesn’t it? 😉

  • Nick

    you could do IN on the Moon as well OR you could do IT on the Moon ?