The Best English Class for Improving Your English Fluency

By Robby

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English Harmony System
  • You can rest assured that there’s no hidden agenda; it’s just that the article is slightly different from the video to maintain good readability.

  • Yusuf

    You will see what I want to say if you focus on the video between the time 03:25 – 03:36. What you say in that duration is not present inside the written text under the video. This is just an example. I also come across the same situation for some of the other videos. Is that something that you purposely did or some other logic besides exists?

  • Hi my friends foreign English speakers, how are you getting on! 

    ‘How are you getting on’ means ‘how are you doing’, simple as!

    I’m not really sure to which sentences you’re referring, so please do you mind giving me an example?

  • Yusuf Balci

    I am a friend for English speakers, how you get an arm? Is that exactly what you say in your first sentence of your video? Could you please clarify? The exact words please?
    Another issue is that not all of the sentences you make in your video exist in the written part. Why not?
    Thank you so much in advance.

  • Those who don’t have an opportunity to speak English on a daily basis at work, college etc can practice with themselves:u00a0’s what I had been doing for years before I got a job in an English speaking environment and I still keep doing it!

  • Annickanibal

    Of course…wonderfull! I agree “200%”!!! But what about those who doesn’t have that fantastic and miraculous opportunity (=u00a0full English immersion, at work or where ever)? Do you have a hope for them?u00a0

  • Thanks for the comment Devlin, and also thanks for the good wishes!

  • Devlin

    Nice topic Robby,nnI couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve said. nI admire you creativity to come up with so many great ideas for your blog.nI’m still following you, best of success for you!nnDevlin