You’ve Got to Do All the Heavy Lifting YOURSELF!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

A couple of weeks ago I published an article called Make Some Effort to Improve Your English, Will Ya? where I was looking at the phenomenon of so many foreign English speakers NOT taking action in order to improve their English but instead relying on OTHERS to steer them into the right direction and provide some magic formula for an easy and effortless English improvement.

Five days ago I published a video called Are You Spending Sufficient Amount of Time on Speaking? where I looked at another aspect of the same phenomenon. Namely – foreigners expecting their fluency to improve while at the same time NOT investing anywhere near enough time in SPEAKING.

Not to mention countless other articles and videos I’ve published over the years trying to convey pretty much the same message:

I you want to develop your fluency and become a decent English SPEAKER, you have to engage in a lot of SPOKEN English practice ❗

No amount of listening, reading or writing will replace the spoken practice; that would be the very same as if you joined the local gym or a health club and tried to improve your fitness levels by watching others work out and lounging around the sauna and pool area all day long.

When it comes to one’s fitness regime, it’s quite understandable that heavy lifting needs to be done in order to lose weight and put on some lean muscle; no-one’s going to do the lifting for you!

Yet when we look at another practical skill of yours – ability to verbalize your thoughts in English and speak with other people using the English language – so many of us fail to see the simple truth: you have to exercise your mouth by speaking just like you’d exercise your entire body by working out! No-one is going to do the heavy lifting for you, and no-one is going to develop your ability to speak for you, it’s ALL DOWN TO YOUR PERSONAL EFFORT!

Yesterday, however, I received yet another question submitted by one of my blog visitors which goes something along the lines of:

Hi Robby, can you please help me improve my spoken English? Can you suggest some good audios to listen?

Frankly speaking, sometimes it does feel like banging my head against a brick wall. I know for a fact that no matter how much I keep going on and on about the importance of spoken practice, some people will still see what they want to see, and they’ll believe what they want to believe, and no amount of persuasion is going to change their mind. They’ll spend their lives buried in grammar studies with their earphones on trying to listen their way to fluency while wondering at the same time why they can’t see any significant improvement to their oral fluency.

So you’d think I’d stop my attempts to change people’s opinion in this regard and let them do whatever they want to do?

Not a chance in the world!

I’m not giving up on my struggling fellow foreign English speakers any time soon!

I’d been struggling with my own spoken English for years while trying to achieve fluency by all the wrong means, so now I feel it’s my duty to help others to wake up from the Matrix they’re living in.

That’s the reason why I’m going to launch my new product called Fluency Gym Coach, and I hope that because of the parallels drawn between fitness and English improvement, plenty of my fellow foreign English speakers will realize that SPOKEN English is a very, very practical skill and one needs to work out a lot (SPEAK A LOT) in order to become fluent!

Chat soon,

Your Fluency Coach

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  • You’re right. No pain, no gain.

    You won’t start speaking fluently unless you practise on a regular basis. But you have to make the effort. No athlete ever won a medal by sitting on their bum at home.