Tell Me What to Write About in 2015 and Win FREE Copy of EH System!

By Robby

If you are new here please read this first.

Free Copy of English Harmony System

Hello my dear blog followers ❗

Here’s the deal – if YOU suggest a GREAT topic for me to cover on my blog in 2015, you’ll automatically enter a draw for a chance to win one of 3 FREE copies of the English Harmony System – and I’ll do the draw LIVE in front of a camera.

In order to do it, you have to post your suggestion in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW this article – as soon as you do it, I’ll write your name on a piece of paper and enter into the draw box!

But in case you already own the English Harmony System, here’s the kicker – I’ll give you a 30 minutes FREE FluencyStar chat session so either way you’re going to be a winner ❗

So, how does that sound?

Now, the topic you would suggest me to write about next year has to be related to English FLUENCY development and please bear in mind it’s NOT about me answering SIMPLE English grammar related questions.

As you may already know, the English Harmony project is centered around English fluency issues and grammar comes second, so here’s a great example of a very valid question which I could make into a full-blown article or a video:

Robby, I’ve bought plenty of English grammar books and I’ve become quite good at filling gaps into the exercises. When I’m trying to speak however, I’m not so good at it, so could you please write about how to use various English textbooks such as the Cambridge series in order to develop the ability to speak fluently?

So, as you can see, the person asking this question is facing a specific issue – they have plenty of English textbooks and they want to know how to use them best in order to develop ability to speak more fluently.

So for as long as your question is about anything English fluency related – speech anxiety happening for no apparent reason, inability to speak at a particular event, difficulties speaking at work, struggling to memorize new English vocabulary, finding it difficult to respond to people’s questions – you get the drift! – your question is going to be considered a contender for the draw.

Now, you can also ask SPECIFIC English grammar questions for as long as the fluency aspect is concerned – such as:

I’m finding it difficult to use the Past Perfect Tense in my speech, so maybe it’s best not to use it and just stick with the Simple Past? If I try to use the Past Perfect Tense, I just can’t speak fluently because I’m thinking too much!

But please don’t ask simple grammar questions such as “How to use the word “to be” in English?” because – just like I already said – my blog’s main focus is on the fluency aspect and that’s the way I’d like to keep it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Publish your suggestion for an article or a video for me to cover in 2015 in the comments section below, and you’ll automatically enter the draw!

Deadline for submissions: 31.12.2014

Draw date: 1.1.2015

Thanks so much in advance! 😉



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English Harmony System
  • No problem! If you’ve any questions – let me know! 😉

  • Carlos Alberto Diaz

    ah thanks a lot Robby, I will go there to read and learn.

  • Hi Juhapekka, I just wanted to let you know there’s an interview available here on my blog: where I’m discussing the TOEFL test and I’m also touching upon the grammar aspect of it – you’ll definitely find it interesting!

  • Hi Krunal,

    I just published the article about using the English verb TO MAKE, you can check it out here:

    I hope you’ll enjoy reading this article and thanks for your suggestion!



  • Thanks Sivaram, but unfortunately the draw has already happened and you can’t participate in it:

    Also, I’ve already created blog posts on this subject, please read these articles and I’m sure you’ll find them very interesting:



  • No problem! I’m glad that your name was drawn and thanks for the good wishes!

    Now, in order to proceed with issuing the program access details, please contact me at [email protected] and we’ll take it from there!

    Chat soon,


  • Rumyana

    Thank you Robby! I was extremely happy to see my name among the winners and it’s not about the prize, it’s about the winning. Don’t get me wrong – I really appreciate the prize but the simple act to win something is so inspiring. That will raise my confidence, but confidence is very important to speak fluently, isn’t it? So I think you’ll help me twice – first with my self-relience and second with the valuable knowledge in the English Harmony System.
    Thank you, once again, and have inspiring 2015!

  • sivaram

    My topic is ” How spoken English is different from Written English”

  • Hi Rumyana,

    And congratulations with winning a free copy of the EH System!

    Please get in touch with me at [email protected] in order to obtain all the necessary details so that you can start using the product.

    Happy New Year!


  • Happy New Year Sergey!

    You’re one of the 3 lucky people having won a copy of the EH System, so please get in touch with me at [email protected] in order to obtain all the necessary details so that you can start using the product.


  • Congrats Shamil with winning the draw, and I’m convinced you’re going to benefit greatly from the EH System – believe me!

    So, please get in touch with me at [email protected] in order to obtain all the necessary details so that you can start using the product.

    Happy New Year!


  • Hi Saddy, the video is published on YouTube: and I’m going to publish it on my blog later on!

    Happy New Year!


  • Saddy, Chobaliko

    Hi Robby
    I have been scouring the EH blog for the video showing how the draw was made without any success. Could you assist me on where can I see the said video?

  • Shamil

    Hi Robby!
    I never won anything in my life. And when I saw the last name from the draw was mine I was like, No way I won this! Then I watched the drawing part again and there it was my name on the paper. So it’s a great feeling to win something in the life. Plus to win English Harmony system, it’s the best present ever for English learner.
    I am positive that I will reach the new level of English with EH system.

  • dennis


  • Thanks Saddy for the submission! Yours is the last one considered for the draw; soon enough I’m going to make the video where everyone is going to be able to see the draw happening!



  • Saddy, Chobaliko

    Hello Robby
    To the best of my knowledge, Fluency disorders such as Neurogenic disfluency, mixed fluency failure, Stuttering and psychogenic disfluency may hamper FLUENCY PROFICIENCY and EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION when it comes to communicating in english or any other language. Could you please write on fluency disorders, expressing the best ways being BEHAVIURAL or otherwise to mitigate their impact on english fluency development. I do occasionally face the same issue when it comes to speaking in english or my native language. But it is quite tense when I speak in english. I will be grateful if this issue will taken into consideration in 2015 list of topics to be covered.

  • Thanks Dennis, great suggestion! Tomorrow’s the draw, so we’ll see if you’re one of the lucky ones! 😉

  • dennis

    Hi robby
    I would like to suggest you to write how to engage our deep subsconcious to learn english

  • Perfect topic, thanks for the suggestion, now you’re a participant of the draw!

    Chat soon,


  • charmaine

    would love to read something about how different types of learners (kinaesthetic, aural, visual, etc.) can optimise their fluency learning, in ways specific to their learning tendency/profile

  • Hi Sagar,

    Thanks for your suggestion, that’s a very valid question indeed! Your name has gone into the draw box!



  • sagar

    you may write about how a person can analyse his lavel of fluency so that he/she would know how much hard work will be there more to do

    , and with this exercise he/she would satisfy to himself/herself.

  • Thanks a lot for the submission!

  • Thanks Renmark for the suggestion, now you’re a participant of the draw as well!

  • Thanks Nick, I’ll definitely look at one or two of these topics next year, and I’m adding your name to others in the draw box!

  • jithendar

    you should write the discussion about corporate or enterprise employees who use engilsh as a communicaton which is a major tool to attain thier career objectives.. there are people have good vocabulry ,grammer but not able to present propoerly goes on.

  • renmark

    using your own speech tell your readers on how to enjoy life more efficient ,theres allot of people wich have tons of money and yet can’t enjoy their lives having a onegoal in mind to see how much fun it is to have your hard works come a very useful memory something that you can use some day in the future ,giving pleasure to your self like sightseeing and aeverything! 🙂

  • nick

    Hi Робби

    This is Nick again

    I think you have been doing a great job on your blog for many last years

    It’s possible to find your opinions and hints concerning practically any aspect of English learning among your several hundreds of articles and videos.

    May be it’s the time for you to look at the world and life more widely and to share your thoughts with us.

    Below are some themes which should be interesting enough (simply for instance);

    1) International family: pros and contras

    2) Globalisation, national states and problems of peace on the Earth

    3) Scientific discoveries and hypothesis which struck you

    4) N books which changed my life

    5) N people who changed my life most of all

    6) Which political system would be the best in XXI century ?

    And so on …. You can name it.

  • Hi Nick,

    Would this article answer your question: ?

    Chat soon,


  • Thanks a lot Manel for your suggestions – unfortunately (or maybe it’s not so unfortunate?) I’ve covered them both on my blog in the past:



  • Hi Ashkeen,

    Speaking of the first topic – I’ve already covered it, please check out this article:

    As for the “Project writing skills” topic – sounds like a good one, thanks, your name has gone into the draw box!



  • Thanks Kedir for the suggestion; I’d like to focus on English learning and improving related topics on this blog though…



  • Thanks Shamil,

    I’ve written about similar topics in the past, check out this blog post for example:

    I will, however, create another entry on this blog dedicated to this topic you suggested, so thanks a lot and needless to say – now you’re part of the draw as well!



  • Thanks Hamida,

    It’s a really great topic – I just looked up “Critical Pedagogy” and it turns out it’s something that deeply resonates with the English Harmony learning philosophy!

    Your name is in the draw box!



  • Hi Konnie,

    I was doing it at one stage and I even started a new blog dedicated to that:

    Then I figured I just haven’t got enough time for it and then I abandoned the whole idea altogether…

    You can still read about my favorite books and watch videos where I discuss them on this blog:



  • Hi Sivagami,

    While I appreciate your suggestion, I have to decline your submission simply because it’s got nothing to do with the English language.

    Sorry about that!



  • nick

    hello Robby

    You have told previously your personal story about your english learning, your issue with spoken fluency and so on.

    Mostly of us used to use the grammar-translation method in the beginning as well.

    It would be so interesting to know what you would like to advice for very beginners who live in non english speaking country now.

    What way to mastery of english could you recommend for them?

    Usually, all gurus like talking about what we should do since an intermediate level on.

    But everybody hold back from answering where people with the intermediate level of language appear from.