How English Fluency Issue Manifests Itself

By Robby

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How English fluency issue manifests itself

You suddenly can’t pronounce the words normally – although you know how a particular word sounds, it seemingly comes out of your mouth and distorts itself – letters get mixed, endings change and you have an impression that it’s another person speaking – not you!

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You can’t find the right words as you speak – you know what you want to say and normally you even don’t have to force yourself to consciously think about the words as such. However, when this English fluency issue is present, you seem to have lost it all and as you keep on speaking you can lose the whole concept of what you wanted to say – all because you concentrate on finding the right words!

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You can’t maintain the clearness of thoughts – you are struggling to stick the words together but as a result the sentences coming out of your mouth are often hard to understand and lack the logical structure;

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No matter how good your English grammar is, sometimes you get everything wrong – tenses mixed up, incorrect forms of the verbs replacing the ones you needed to use and so on…

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You have a notion as if hundreds and hundreds of English words are floating in your mind and it becomes nearly impossible to pick the right ones and form a proper speech. On the contrary, when your English speech is normal you just speak without having anything else in your mind!

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To your utter dismay you can clearly notice that you think in your mother’s tongue and the resulting speech is a translation – not a normal speech!

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Even if you don’t think in your native tongue you experience an odd thing – as you speak, wrong words replace the right ones – even if they don’t sound similarly and there’s no other obvious connection between them!

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And, of course, the most devastating thing of all – your confidence is just literally draining away 😳 when you feel these symptoms take place!

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I guess by now you have certainly recalled nearly all these English fluency issue symptoms having manifested themselves at some stage in your life.

This whole English fluency issue seems to be something like a mental syndrome and probably only a psychotherapist could help with it…

Once I had such a thought as well, yes, but since I dealt with this speech problem myself – I can assure you that you also do it without attending a doctor! 😉

But now let’s talk about what’s happening behind the scenes when this issue occurs and let’s analyze the very roots of these sudden changes in ability to speak English normally.


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