GONE Series Finished: What I’ve Gained From Reading It

By Robby

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I’m at loose ends, my friends…

I finished reading the GONE series books a couple of days ago, but I still can’t get over parting with the crazy world of FAYZ; it’s something like a separation anxiety or even something remotely familiar to bereavement.

The main characters of the series – Sam, Astrid, Quinn, Cane, Diana and a bunch of other kids had become so close to me that I started feeling as if they’re my family members! I’d been reading the GONE books in short bursts throughout the day, and as a result the imaginary FAYZ world had literally permeated my real life.

Also my 50 American Phrase Acquisition Mission doesn’t make it easier. It’s all based on phraseology used in the GONE series, and you’ll probably think I’m exaggerating if I told you I can remember almost every scene where all those phrases were taken from! Nonetheless it’s 100% true, and it just goes to show how our human brain is built. It’s all about emotion-based associations, and while having read all these books makes me sad, it’s very beneficial to my spoken English improvement!

Let’s take, for example, this phrase: TO BE HOGGING SOMETHING.

I still clearly remember the scene where this phrase was used! A boy named Hunter was lying on a couch in the living room hogging the remote and flicking through TV channels, and this association is very, very useful in order to use this phrase in real life!

Another phrase – SEE WHAT WE CAN ROUND UP.

This phrase was used by Astrid when she ordered other children to see what food could be round up before they started leaving the devastated lake settlement (they had just been attached by a monster-girl who killed about a quarter of all children living at the lake).

See what I’m talking about?

Not only I enjoyed reading the GONE series but I also made sure to add plenty of useful American English phrases onto my active vocab!

What I Gained While Reading GONE Series

I already mentioned acquiring plenty of American slang expressions while reading GONE books, so that’s one benefit.

Most importantly, however, I gained a lot of new insights into my own personality because I ALWAYS do a lot of thinking about my own life when reading books.

I couldn’t help analyzing my own actions, life experiences and moral values while witnessing all those events taking place within FAYZ.

Those terrible experiences brought out the worst in some people and the best in others. Friendships and relationships formed and developed. Some people took advantage of others and some people took charge and made sure others could survive.

All that made me analyze similar situations out of my life, and surprisingly enough, on some occasions it also provided me with answers to personal problems I was having at that particular moment in time!

Think it’s too big of a coincidence to be true? Not at all, my friend!

The thing is, the main moral questions that we all share would fall under the same larger categories:

  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Which path should I take in this situation?
  • Should I exercise caution or should I listen to my heart and act accordingly?
  • Should I tell him/her what I truly think or should I keep pretending everything is hunky-dory?

To be honest with you, all such and similar questions are forming the main moral theme of almost every piece of English fiction I’ve read in my life, and action is only an add-on to bring the factor of excitement into play so that the reader is captivated enough to be attracted to the book.

The main “substance” of the GONE series, therefore (at least I think so), is the same eternal moral questions we all seek answers for.

Sure enough, the amazing sci-fi storyline of GONE is a step above brilliant – there’s no doubt about that!

Extraterrestrial DNA having mixed with human DNA and creating all sorts of mutations in children which leads to a five year old kid with autistic powers to … Did you seriously believe I would tell you what the autistic kid did?

No way!

I’d rob the surprise element from your personal reading experience if I were to do that, so I’d suggest you get hold of the GONE series books and start reading them right away!

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Thanks for reading,

Robby 😉

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